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PlayChip Confirms HitBTC Exchange Listing

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PlayChip Confirms HitBTC Exchange Listing

PlayChip, the Australia-based gaming and betting token, has released a statement to confirm its listing on HitBTC. PlayChip had earlier announced in August that LATOKEN would catalog it, making it the first ever major exchange to list the gaming token. As a result, PlayChip will now trade against Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). They are set to generate the PlayChip token on November 30th.

HitBTC is Pushing Upward

On September 28th, listed HitBTC as the seventh virtual currency exchange in adjusted trading volume. The exchange got to that position for successfully processing $361M USD worth of daily transactions. Founded in 2013, HitBTC is a multi-currency-enabled cryptocurrency trading platform with high virtual currency liquidity. Also, the trading platform currently has over 300 virtual currencies trading on it. With excellent services such as order-matching algorithms and real-time clearing, HitBTC has become a preferred trading platform for virtual currency traders scattered around the world.

Why the Listing of PlayChip Matters

Indeed, for successfully listing on HitBTC, PlayChip will become more liquid as more traders will now have the opportunity to give its pairings a shot. Slated for launch on December 19th, the token will definitely have high traffic. This is indeed true given that the PlayChip Ecosystem already has some one million users coupled with high daily trading volume of HitBTC platform. Furthermore, the listing will create a healthy demand for the tokens. On the other hand, the robust and rapidly increasing PlayChip user-base will drive HitBTC new user adoption.

Official Statements

Luke Lombe, PlayChip’s Head of Blockchain, shared confirmation of the listing. Lombe stated that the ICO was a part of their battle to take the blockchain-based company to the market. Lombe reaffirms the belief that listing their token on popular exchanges will increase its liquidity and visibility. He further stressed that listing the token on the right exchange will lead to its success. On the exchange’s perception of their token, the Head of Blockchain added that they are fortunate as lots of exchanges are jostling to catalog PlayChip.

In her remarks, Sophia Miller, a member of HitBTC’s PR team, shared the philosophy of HitBTC. She said that blockchain has three pillars: security, efficiency, and transparency. Also, Miller pointed out that their firm is always ready to support any promising high-tech enterprise that shares their blockchain values and supports industry growth. The PR professional noted that blockchain technology will disrupt online gaming in no time. PlayChip offers has all it takes to “generate value for the entire ecosystem,” Miller added.


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