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ABTC Remarkably Attains Listing On HitBTC Exchange

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ABTC finally gets listed on HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange.

It is safe to say that AML BitCoin Token (ABTC) is having a sweet ride this year. One after the other, the successes are trickling in for this groundbreaking cryptocurrency. Chiefly, ABTC is getting listed on HitBTC! To emphasize, HitBTC is one of the biggest digital currency exchanges in the world. Definitely, it has been an enthralling banner inaugural year for ABTC.

By all means, to be recognized by such a huge platform like HitBTC is a big boost. HitBTC is one of the chieftains of the digital currency arena. Of course, you don’t think HitBTC is some infant cryptocurrency exchange which started yesterday. HitBTC has enjoyed five tremendous years in the cryptocurrency niche, coming into operation in 2013. As a worldwide innovative trading platform, HitBTC presents uncommon liquidity and multi-currency support for very low fees. HitBTC enjoys one of the most luscious trading experiences in the industry. This they savor courtesy of HitBTC’s unrivaled matching core engine as well as its rapid and powerful API.

Definitely, you expect the guys at ABTC to be drooling in exhilaration over this achievement. According to Marcus Andrade, Chief Executive Officer of NAC Foundation and Creator of AML BitCoin, announcing the HitBTC listing,

Today is a banner day for our innovative project, and a continuation of our efforts to introduce what most consider to be the solution to the cryptocurrency conundrum: a secure digital currency based on AML/KYC technology.  The tectonic shift by the world’s governments in the past year show the urgent need for a digital currency that can both attract the crypto community and be used in commercial and governmental transactions. We are that coin!

Let Us Talk More about ABTC

To start with, the NAC Foundation created ABTC. ABTC strives to shape the future of the cryptocurrency niche. Incredibly, this coin brings together compliance, know-your-customer (KYC), anti-money laundering, as well as theft-resistant properties into one lovely package. It is notable that ABTC readily complies with the stipulations of the US national security infrastructure while aligning with financial protection laws. In detail, ABTC is compatible with the Bank Secrecy Act, the US PATRIOT Act, as well as a host of other financial security legislation.

Meeting the High Expectations of the Investment Community

Furthermore, we give NAC the plaudits for its commendable push in integrating cryptocurrency payment solutions with real-life regulations, thus further demystifying the blockchain world. For sure, the investment community is excited with ABTC gaining HitBTC listing. This further brings to fruition the high hopes many investors had in Marcus Andrade, Chief Executive Officer of NAC Foundation and Creator of AML BitCoin.

One happy investor is David Mata, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Hedge and Venture Capital Fund Block Bits Capital. According to him,

We took a large early position in AML BitCoin because we had faith in the company and Marcus.


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