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Huobi Launches Global Blockchain Resource Alliance

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Huobi Global Blockchain Resource Alliance

The blockchain technology space is expanding rapidly. Companies that want to benefit from the expanded market must also expand their businesses. In view of this, Huobi announced on its blog the launch of the Global Blockchain Resource Alliance.

According to the blog post, the cryptocurrency exchange initiated an elite program to aid its expansion efforts. Dubbed Huobi Global Elites, these are influencers of the blockchain community affiliated with Huobi. As per the blog post, the influencers are recruiting fresh individuals to make up the “Global Blockchain Resource Alliance.” Basically, this will be an alliance of Huobi Global Elites.

Wide Geographical Distribution

Launched in March, the program seeks to develop the elites into the exchange’s key business partners. The program has since acquired elites in different regions of the world. Interestingly, the geographical representation stretches from South Korea to the United Kingdom. Additionally, there are elites from Nigeria, Brazil, Taiwan, Russia, the United States, and Australia.

According to analysts, the Global Blockchain Resource Alliance is an ingenious marketing initiative. Spanning five continents, the initiative covers a huge geographical area. In terms of the official release, the elites will get economic benefits. Specifically, elites will get a percentage of the local natural flow. Further, the report says elites will get access to first-hand information and research regarding Huobi.

Thirdly, the elites will enjoy free promotion of their services on all Huobi platforms. Also, this will incorporate marketing services for the benefit of the elites.

Huobi Seeks to Help Other People Succeed

In part, the official release by Huobi reads, “The Global Resource Alliance is a resource sharing network centered on Global Elites.” Essentially, the program will connect the elites with crucial global resources. These include global blockchain media, investment institutions, communities, mining pools, and other ecological nodes.

Most importantly, the statement emphasizes that the partners’ access to information will be without threshold. In addition, Huobi says the Resource Alliance will expand proportionately to the economies of scale. Basically, this implies that the larger a community grows, the more resources will be available.

Further, the exchange notes that the Alliance will create a sharing pool of resources. In partaking in the resources, all participants will unite for the benefit of the industry. Consequently, Huobi hopes that partners will be able to win against adversity as a team.

Ultimately, the cryptocurrency exchange wants to disrupt the status quo and allow opportunities for more people to succeed.


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