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JET8 Is Converting Social Media Users To Paid Influencers

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JET8 is a social media platform with worldwide coverage that enables agencies, influencers, and brands to connect and sell social commodities. Based in Singapore, the platform allows users to sell these commodities through user-generated content.

Also, JET8 has a digital currency called J8T, which is used for rewarding influencers for connecting and engaging their favorite brands. Each user earns J8T for every in-app comment, like, and share. With 15,000 merchants around the world accepting J8T, users can use the token to redeem products through those merchants. Indeed, some of the notable merchants are Watsons and 7-Eleven.

Here is why JET8 is Unique

In short, this platform is the first technology to recognize a selfie as well as allow its owner to monetize them. Yes, JET8’s Fotoku app allows users to share customized selfies and videos with followers on social media. The platform also has over 15 million people in Southeast Asia and South Africa using its app. With that number, brands can use JET8’s APPaaS (application as a service) to keep up with customers, citizens, contributors, and fans. JET8’s APPaaS comes as a customized, white-labeled app.

Also, JET8’s customized apps enable brands to maximize their ROI (return on investment). Well, it doesn’t matter what they deal in. From music festivals to nonprofits, and then to sport clubs, they leverage the opportunities the app offers to optimize their revenue-generating capacities.

Using Blockchain to Change the Social Media

Yes, that’s exactly what JET8 is doing: changing the way people use social media with blockchain technology. After J8T launched in March 2018, the team is integrating it into social media to improve transparency and accessibility. Other benefits include content ownership, transaction security and efficiency, and diversity.

J8T social currency enables users to buy into its technology, regardless of where they are. The platform has also leveraged the features of blockchain technology to deliver lots of benefits to its users. Certainly, the platform has a decentralized system architecture and other integrated features. With these features, it is creating democratic models for individuals, brands and influencers. As a result, content creation and transactions have become accountable and fair to all parties.

JET8 Founder Speaks

Indeed, JET8 is transforming the face of social network engagement through brand empowerment, says Victor Zabrockis, its founder. It is also returning power to consumers, Zabrockis notes. In addition, the platform is restoring ownership rights to content and rewarding active users for their immense contribution. To this end, he states the platform enables users to build profiles as influencers and earn tokens from their influence.


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