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ICO Flash: Bithemoth Coin’s Launch Is Just Days Away

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ICO Flash

Canada-based crypto exchange, Bithemoth, is scheduled to launch on June 30th. Through underlying blockchain technology, Bithemoth promises a secure, user-friendly, fast and flexible platform with feeless transactions. The team behind the exchange says it is launching it to tackle the challenges bedeviling the crypto industry head-on.

Solving the Crypto World Snags

The platform, which is making lots of juicy promises to attract investors, has listed two crypto-related drawbacks to solve and how they will do so.

First on its to-do list is to tackle poor customer service. The founders believe that many exchanges have customer support teams that never answer customers’ phone calls. On very few occasions, when the supposedly trained personnel take calls, they often give advice that doesn’t solve customers’ complaints. Bithemoth is committing to rewriting the narratives by engaging highly trained customer service personnel. They understand that no profit-oriented business can survive without positive contributions to customers.

Furthermore, as the Ontario-based exchange will have a global reach, the exchange will run on a multi-lingual platform. Customers can select their preferred language options for improved user-friendliness and better customer satisfaction. This step, it states, will handle the issue of a language barrier.

Initial Coin Offering Details

Bithemoth will mint some 200 million coins known as Bithemoth Coin (BHM). With it running on Ethereum blockchain, BHM will also meet ERC-20 protocol compatibility, making it extremely attractive for altcoin wallet holders. While Bithemoth will supply 200,000,000 BHM with 45%, 7.5% and 7.5% going to the ICO, Pre-Sale and Fire Sale respectively. The founders believe that 90,000,000 BHM will be enough to effectively satisfy the number of investors that will participate in the ICO round.

How It Works

Bithemoth hopes to bridge the chasm between the digital economy and the traditional finance industry. They will do so by adopting a system that blends an exchange, ICO incubator and trading platform.

With assurances of enhanced security, debit card availability, and 24/7 customer service support, Bithemoth will deliver the one-stop shop that traders desire. Also, with its incubator, it can build a strong, cordial, business relationship with companies. Additionally, this will help initiate mutual agreement and growth.


The founders of Bithemoth are making lots of promises. Many traders who have had bad experiences with centralized exchanges, may take these with a pinch of salt. Although it is too early to say if management will be able to keep to their mouthwatering promises, one thing is clear: Bithemoth will definitely promote crypto liquidity – something the crypto market direly needs.

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