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ICOx Innovations Unveils Blockchain Economy

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ICOx Innovations

After successfully partnering with KODAKOne, ICOx Innovations is set to launch its unique offerings. Interestingly, ICOx Innovations says that these offerings will enable companies to get a feel for being in a vast market. The company says it ushers other companies into their own blockchain economies.

About ICOx Innovations

Without a doubt, ICOx Innovations’ business model is rare, as it has developed a model for transforming time-tested companies. Indeed, the company creates reward, gaming, loyalty, and payment cryptocurrencies for established companies. In fact, the idea is that these companies can grow through the application of blockchain technology and virtual currencies. How is this feasible in reality? Here’s how: blockchain economies solve corporate problems through transaction cost reduction and increased customer adoption.

Here’s why ICOx Innovations is Unique

Make no mistake, the kind of business that ICOx Innovations offers is unique in every sense of the word. This is unarguably true. Founder and Chairman Cameron Chell has said that the company offers something that no else does. He has asserted that the service his company offers its clients will help these companies maintain their own clients. He has also said that the company creates powerful communities using blockchain technology.

Furthermore, Chell has stressed the relevance of ICOx Innovations in the blockchain world as it affects some coins. He has argued that some coins have no use. So, the company expands successful markets that are already established, as per increasing demand. This way, more space will be opened for business expansion and growth, in his view.

ICOx Innovations Created KODAKOne

Notably, the company created and launched KODAKOne. KODAKOne is a blockchain-based platform that enables photographers to protect, monetize and manage their archived and new works. To this end, the blockchain-based platform uses an encrypted distributed ledger of rights ownership. Indeed, after the building of the platform, it has now become cheaper and faster to register. Also, selling and moving digital images has become incredibly easy – thanks to ICOx Innovations.

What’s more? By pairing KODAKCoin, its token, with the blockchain, KODAKOne will enforce all necessary copyright compliance requirements. It will also track the use of images. As a result, photographers will have greater rights over their works as well as take charge of the comprehensive marketplace.

Other Roles ICOx Innovations has Played

Apart from helping to build KODAKOne, the company also assisted the funding of the platform. Certainly, this is as contained in their business service agreement. In addition, the ecosystem will integrate the Ryde Holding and KODAKOne platform and the cryptocurrency platform.


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