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Injazat Partners With Vizsafe On Safety And Security Reporting

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Injazat Partners With Vizsafe On Safety And Security Reporting

Injazat Data System, a leading IT firm, has announced that they have partnered with Vizsafe to improve the services they offer. In other words, Injazat Data System has collaborated with Vizsafe for the purpose of offering advanced safety and security solutions. The companies have a target market, which is the United Arab Emirates. Also, the official statement shares that they would use Vizsafe’s Geoaware Services Platform to meet the needs of their clients.

About Vizsafe

First off, Vizsafe is a decentralized network that crowdsources safety and security solutions through incentivized blockchain services. By doing so, Vizsafe is empowering people around the world to take part in the safety of their local communities. Vizsafe is built on the Ethereum blockchain to empower people to gain SPOT tokens in exchange for safety reports through the Geoaware Safety Network. As a matter of fact, Vizsafe often says that they provide the opportunity for everyone to do well by doing good.

About Injazat Data Systems

Coming to Injazat Data Systems, they offer a wide spectrum of IT services. These services range from IT consultancy to IT strategy, and IT systems integration to comprehensive management of IT services. Also, Injazat Data Systems focuses on customers in: healthcare, education, media, entertainment, utilities energy, and communication. It is a market leader that has advanced in the services it provides to its clients and customers. It is also a Premier Media Data Center with Tier IV design certification.

More Details 

Vizsafe has used Geoaware Services Platform at valuable facilities around the world, such as sport facilities, entertainment venues, schools and universities, municipalities, and many other locations. As a result, Vizsafe has achieved so much with blockchain technology. For instance, they created the first decentralized peer-to-peer crowdsourced platform that encourages safety reports around the world.

How the reward system works is that Vizsafe clients reward citizens for reporting safety and security issues in their localities. Actually, the idea is that when these reports get to Vizsafe, the relevant authorities take the right steps to save the situation and protect infrastructure in such places. Municipalities, along with entertainment and sports customers, are most likely to reward citizens for their safety and security reports.

The CEO Speaks

Speaking, the Vizsafe CEO, Khaled Al Melhi, says that the Vizsafe platform’s capabilities have been integrated into Injazat’s platform. With this, Injazat can offer their customers safety, risk management, and facility solutions, the CEO says. He added that customers can also improve situational intelligence and awareness even as they report emergency situations.


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