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IoT, AI, And Blockchain Converge At IoTSWC 2018

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The event highlighting innovations on the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the digital transformation of different economic sectors, IoT Solutions World Congress, is scheduled for October 16-18th in Barcelona, Spain. The event was organized by Fira de Barcelona and the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). Significantly, it will consist of a Congress as well as an exhibition area. Moreover, it will exhibit testbeds of new applications. The show will confirm IoT’s mass implementation across a range of industries. Furthermore, it will present the convergence of this technology with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

IoT Exhibitors

300 exhibitors, including software platform developers, hardware manufacturers, IT companies, security firms, service operators, industrial automation companies and telecommunications operators will participate in the exhibition area. The list of exhibitors includes ABB, Deloitte, Google Cloud, Huawei, Intel, Microsoft, New Alchemy, SAS, Telit, Vodafone, Wipro, Crypto Quantique, Dassault Systèmes, Fiware, Hitachi, Kaspersky, Libelium, Orange, PTC, relayr, Rigado, Software AG, Telefónica, Thingstream, Uptake, Verizon and Zyfr.

In addition, IoTSWC 2018 will open the testbeds area. Significantly, the latter will present a dozen IoT applications developed by leading tech organizations. Visitors will be able to see, for instance, a smart residential door capable of opening upon the owner’s arrival. Also exhibited will be a garage transforming into a giant mailbox for online shopping deliveries.

Other exhibitions will include a fully sensorized fire engine and a smart platform that controls water quality, as well as helps save Beluga whales in Alaska.

Regarding the Congress

The Congress will attract over 250 experts to discuss the impact of IoT solutions on different environments. The sessions will revolve around nine thematic axes. These will include:

  • connected transport
  • manufacture of goods
  • healthcare
  • energy and supplies
  • construction and infrastructure
  • facilitating technologies
  • blockchain and artificial intelligence
  • the latter two with their own forums.

The list of speakers includes Jeff Merrit, manager of IoT and connected devices at the World Economic Forum, Gloria Zaionz, emerging technology guru, Fabian Simmer, director of digitization at SEAT, Seb Chakraborty, CTO Centrica Hive Limited/British Gas, Tomi Teikko, Director of Empathic Building Teito, Christopher Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture Matson, and Hajime Sugiyama, IoT Evangelist.

A new feature this year will be the organization of several workshops to take a closer look at aspects of IoT technology approved by the IIC ( and the holding of a meeting of female managers who lead the international IoT ecosystem.


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