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Of late, the team at IOTA (MIOTA) appears to be making all the correct moves. Following much-exposed differences, the team acted with speed to settle issues. The problems were threatening their unity, but thankfully now everything is back to normal.

Yesterday, the team announced the launch of a beta edition of their new JavaScript library. This is indeed welcome news for IOTA investors! According to the team, the objective of these alterations to the library is to facilitate maintenance. This will let the developers, both inside as well as outside the ledger, to make essential changes. This will really make IOTA an enhanced venture in the long-term. The team at present is aiming to work with the community so as to move from beta to iota.js 1.0.0. This is sure to better the performance of the maze among other value-adding advances to the system.

These changes serve to further establish IOTA as the leader in the approaching 4th industrial revolution. The revolution is going to be all about IoT.  IOTA is already on top in this space with help from their powerful partnerships.

IOTA Moving Faster Towards Smart Cities

Besides, it seems to be taking faster and longer strides towards a forthcoming facet of the worldwide economy – smart cities. Increased urbanization, augmenting world population, and more energy needs, added with climate change, are the largest challenges for the 21st century. The solution to these issues is without a doubt in smart living, like smart cities.

A smart city’s aim is to improve machine-to-machine association as a means of empowering climate-friendly living. In the nucleus of all this, IOTA.

Use-Cases Long-term In Nature

But all these use-cases can be seen only in the long-term. This means that the ledger will have to wait for them to achieve its full potential. In fact, IOTA thinkers are long-term intellectuals, hence they need an excellent wallet to store their investments.

The IOTA team is working very hard to create Trinity wallet, one of the most excellent wallets in the crypto community. The Trinity wallet is still as of now in a testing mode, however, it’s safe and simple to manage. As soon as the Trinity wallet goes live, it will be compatible with Nano Ledger S. This indeed is a big plus for investors.


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