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ISG Blockchain Now™ Counts On Cascading Growth

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ISG Blockchain Now™ Counts On Cascading Growth

The growing blockchain space is showing ever-increasing potential to help many sectors grow. Evidently, many startups and existing companies are taking up the blockchain challenge. In this light, Informative Services Group (ISG) launches “ISG Blockchain Now™” to take advantage of this burgeoning potential. Further, the solution will help other institutions take advantage of the technology and grow their revenue.

According to a press release, ISG announced the launch of a solution which will target enterprise clients. Particularly, the solution will offer “advisory and sourcing” services that enhance a proper utilization of the blockchain technology.

ISG Blockchain Now™ to Facilitate Blockchain Exploitation

Speaking on the development, Michael P. Connors, Chairman and CEO of ISG, insists the solution is long overdue. Also, he observes that ISG Blockchain Now™ comes at the right time. Furthermore, he notes that enterprise clients are developing a huge appetite for blockchain solutions. This is for the purpose of expanding their growth potential. To this end, ISG Blockchain Now™ will help the clients “understand and unlock the value of blockchain today.

Furthermore, the solution looks to create a mechanism through which clients can leverage the potential of distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain is demonstrating its practical application now within enterprises. As the technology matures, it has the potential to be the next Internet, a decentralized system that will dramatically disrupt all supply chain processes and commercial transactions,” Connors adds.

Expansion Spree

The ISG solution will help clients to prepare for the coming age of the blockchain network. As a result, clients will use the solution to identify and create means of exploiting blockchain technology. Also, it will help the clients to digitize their operations in a way that will cut costs and increase production timelines.

Interestingly, ISG seems quite ready for the new market demand. Particularly, Stanford Advocate reports that the firm moved to a larger office space. As a result, the firm will be able to accommodate a larger staff that it will need inevitably going forward. As per the publication, the new offices will house a tech bar and a training center for the employees.

Also, the new office space will allow space for the company to showcase new innovations in digital services. “We wanted to be in a physical space that was vibrant, emerging and growing” Connors concluded. Going forward, the company promises a plethora of solutions that aim to break new grounds in the technology of the future.


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