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Ground X Massively Enhances Transactions With Klaytn

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Ground X Massively Enhances Transactions With Klaytn

Ground X is the blockchain subsidiary of a top South Korean mobile services provider, Kakao. The company has accepted to open up its Klaytn (blockchain platform) testnet with a position paper, which details Klaytn’s architecture and roadmap. Conveniently, Ground X has made the document readily available on its website. By allowing end-users to experience blockchain technology in the most effortless manner, Klaytn looks to improve the inconvenience of blockchain user experience. To this end, Klaytn eliminates certain traditional constraints such as cryptographic addresses, private keys, and wallets. With that done, Klaytn will limit the barriers of blockchain technology for normal end-users.

What Other Gains will this Blockchain Platform Bring?

The major benefit Klaytn seeks to bring to the table is to enhance the speed and overall performance of decentralized apps (DApps). When that is achieved, it will be readily available for mass adoption. But that’s not all. Looking at the blockchain, some changes are observed as well. For instance, it takes up to one hour in Bitcoin (BTC) and several minutes in Ethereum (ETH) to complete transactions. On Klaytn, it happens in less then a second as it registers 1,500 TPS. In addition, the platform also separates Consensus Node (CR) from Ranger Nodes (RN). With that, Ground X is offering a proper division of labor, thus enabling efficient consensus and block replication.

Klaytn Is Not Done Yet

Furthermore, the platform creates a developer-friendly environment. How so, you might wonder? This is possible as it provides toolkits and tutorials for its development. Looking at the toolkits, they include Klaytn wallet, Klaytnscope and BLASQ. Indeed, each of them has unique functions. For example, Klaytn wallet gives the power to users to transfer tokens that the ecosystem created safely and securely. On the other hand, Klaytnscope allows users to monitor all the activities going on in the ecosystem. Finally, the BLASQ is the incentivized blockchain co-work community, where users get rewarded for relevant questions and answers within the Klaytn community.

Ground X Plans

Without mincing words, Ground X looks to continue to improve on BLASQ as a blockchain community service. That way, the developers can collaborate and operate within the healthy ecosystem. To this end, Ground X will enhance the wallet and Klaytnscope, making the operating services and data transparent to the users. In the end, the company will be promoting fair competition in the market. Also, Ground X will continuously improve the current services and feature new toolkits that will use blockchain technology. When Ground X advances the platform, the companies that are developing DApps on it can use Klaytn to transact in a transparent and safe way.


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