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KODAKOne To Serve As Watchdog For Image Licensing

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KODAKOne Image Watchdog

Global Blockchain Technologies is undergoing a slew of interesting business adventures. In May 2018, the company acquired KODAKOne as one of its major clients. In a September 17, 2018 news release, Global Blockchain announced that KODAKOne joined forces with Lobster. According to the statement, the partnership will enable Lobster users to monetize their pictures and videos.

Monetization of Image and Video Content

Further, KODAKOne will “monitor and protect” all the images stored on the Lobster platform. Essentially, the partnership seeks to help content creators earn from their craft. This is not surprising given the sheer amount of piracy in this age of social media. According to the press release, the intention is to enable even smartphone users to monetize their content.

Basically, KODAKOne will offer an image recognition algorithm which will analyze billions of images in a flash. Secondly, the platform will provide “a network of web crawlers that monitor the web.” This way, the algorithm will initiate the taking down of the images illegally acquired. Thirdly, KODAKOne will provide “a post-licensing service.”

KODAKOne to Help in Image Rights Protection

A post-licensing service is a utility service that helps content creators earn from their products. Essentially, the service ensures that third parties pay for the images before they can use them. Ultimately, KODAKOne will protect the images against non-sanctioned use. In fact, a previously conducted pilot program gave very positive results. Reportedly, the algorithm was able to analyze and take down 10,000 images in use across the web.

Details from Global Blockchain reveal that Lobster licenses photos and videos from major social platforms. Particularly, the platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Google Photos, Foursquare, and YouTube, among others. Therefore, the partnership will see an increased security for the images that Lobster keeps.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Furthermore, KODAKOne is a blockchain platform with KODAKCoin as its native cryptocurrency. According to details shared, the platform “will register all of Lobster’s images on its blockchain.” This way, the firm will start monitoring the movement of the images across the web.

Commenting on the news, Bruce Elliott, President of ICOx Innovations, said, “One of the biggest challenges companies face is developing promising technologies but failing to gain widespread adoption.

Basically, Elliot hopes that the partnership will help remove barriers to content monetization. ICOx Innovations helped create KODAKOne. According to Elliot, the partnership is the first of its kind and he hopes it will be a successful one.


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