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Monetize Your Cherished Coins With ProofUp!

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Use ProofUp to monetize your coins.

Security First International Incorporated is a company that focuses on providing cutting-edge financial payment products and services to customers around the world. The company will start to offer cryptocurrency monetization for Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH) coin holders who have coins at select online exchange platforms. Their ProofUp implementation will make the monetization easy to accomplish.

Consequently, cryptocurrency holders can now key into the Security First International platform to monetize their holdings while their coins are well-secured in their wallets.

ProofUp Asset Pool and How It Works

The coins will now form part of the ProofUp asset pool and will form monetized proof of funds issuance through the web service.

The coin holder need not transfer or sell the coin for the monetization to function, rather:

  • The coin holders would key in their coins to the company’s platform through a Coin Loan Agreement (CLA).
  • Then, the company will exercise the power of attorney over the coin throughout the monetization period.
  • Furthermore, the company will position the coins in the ProofUp asset pool.
  • The coin holder will receive money whenever their coins work to support a proof of funds issuance.

The asset pool consists of 100,000 coins of every currency at complete (100%) share of voice. Every distributed coin translates to 1% share of voice in the company’s marketing and advertising campaigns for is a web-based service for asset supported financial instruments as well as proof of funds statements. The company offers proof of funds statements together with a demanded face value amount. They send out all letters with secure email and are set to self-destruct after a specified period of time.

Every coin holder will acquire a 100% of the revenue from their share of voice.

The program has a minimum of 1,000 coins lasting over a 30 day period. The monetization period starts a day after the executed contract.


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