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Laidian To Deploy Blazing ThunderChain

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Laidian partners with OneThing, making ThunderChain available and ready for use.

Shenzhen Onething Technologies Co., Ltd., also known as OneThing Technologies, is entering into a partnership with Laidian Technology. To emphasize, this collaboration will trigger the deployment of ThunderChain in order to deploy an offline and online application.

To start with, OneThing Technologies is a leader in cloud computing technology, as championing the frontier of the blockchain transformation. On the other hand, Laidian is one of the most reputable Chinese startup companies focusing on smartphone power-bank sharing. Laidan serves more than 100 million customers covering over 270 cities. Remarkably, Laidan started operations barely four years ago in 2014. Therefore, you can see from this partnership that it is two big shots coming together. Now, about the partnership…

Laidian & OneThing – A Sweet and Promising Union

In detail, this partnership between Laidian and OneThing Technologies has two phases. In the first phase, consumers will be able to deploy LinkToken in redeeming Laidian’s power-bank rental services. Moving on to the next stage, OneThing technologies and Laidian will synergize in building a decentralized application (DApp) on ThunderChain. This will be judiciously used in synchronizing Laidian’s sharing services and blockchain technology. In addition to this, the DApp program will bring along advertisers and consumers, not forgetting Laidan.

According to Mr. Huang Yun, COO of Laidian:

The integration of our sharing services and blockchain technology helps us enhance customer experience and explore new business models. We are excited to partner with Onething Technologies as ThunderChain has demonstrated strong capabilities in increasing efficiency, improving security and building trust with end users.

Thunderchain: A Blockchain Beauty to Behold

Essentially, ThunderChain is a creation of OneThing Technologies. This technology had its launch earlier this year. ThunderChain is a beauty of high-performance blockchain platforms, with an astonishing capacity to run more than one million transactions per second (TPS).

In addition to this, working on the proprietary homogeneous multichain framework, ThunderChain achieves marvelous confirmation as well as fluid interaction among homogeneous chains. In this manner, ThunderChain is able to execute a plethora of transactions in multiple parallel chains. Are you impressed yet? Well, there is more to come!

Using ThunderChain, companies and individuals enjoy the rare functionality of easily creating large-scale blockchain applications.  This occurs with more transparency and openness, not to mention accountability. Definitely, this massively nurtures trust.

The partnership truly flares with enthusiasm. According to Mr. Lei Chen, CEO of Xunlei Limited:

This is another great example of how blockchain is transforming sharing economy with a higher level of trust and a more efficient incentive mechanism. In addition to the high-performance of ThunderChain, we can also provide Laidian with strong technical support. We look forward to supporting more companies and empower individuals and society with blockchain innovation.


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