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Lannister And Media Shower Join Forces

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Lannister Development and Media Shower join their talent pool.

Lannister Holdings, an Arizona-based company, has made public the partnership with another company. The other company is no other than Media Shower. Welcome to Media Shower, a blockchain media and consulting firm. The two companies will work together to develop an important project under the name – The Equity Token Project. Note that Lannister Holdings is the parent company of a web developing firm, Lannister Development.

About The Equity Token Project

The Equity Token Project is a platform that companies lean on to offer their equity stakes to prospective investors. Blockchain tokens will offer these equity stakes. So, the two companies will work on the platform that will support companies for this purpose. The platform will also provide blockchain technology to companies that want to get funding.

Also, the contract agreement details the role of the two companies from start to finish of the project. To this end, the two companies will deploy their expertise in the project. While The Equity Token Project will kick off at once, it will end on August 31st, 2019.

Lannister and Media Shower Chief Executives Speak

Both the chief executives of Lannister Holdings and Media Shower were excited. First to speak was the the chief executive of Lannister. In his statement, CEO of Lannister Holdings, Joseph Snyder, said he is overwhelmed about the deal’s potential. He also noted that his team looks forward to working with the Media Shower team. He called the team at Media Shower “talented people.” Snyder said that they are glad to deploy their technology to make this project a lucrative reality. 

Echoing Lannister boss’ views, the CEO of Media Shower spoke in excitement as well. He also praised the partner company’s team. CEO Hargrave stated that equity token is the future of corporate funding, “In the future, we hope to offer a platform that is critical for fundraisers”. He said that The Equity Token Project will drive blockchain-based innovation farther than ever before.

Background Details

Lannister Holdings Inc. is a tech product developing firm, which targets startups. With a wide array of these tech products, startups can leverage them to expand their horizons. By doing so, the company encourages these emerging firms to grow and flourish. In summary, Lannister Holdings deploys hi-tech products.

Indeed, the company boasts advanced products with great potential ramifications. Some of these products are customized technologies, smart contract templates, etc. And these are just some of the products that it will deploy in The Equity Token Platform.

Similarly, there is Media Shower, the partner of Lannister on the project. The two companies share a similarity as they are both focused on blockchain-based products. From its Boston base, Media Shower educates investors and supports growth by positioning blockchain projects around the world.


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