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‘Blockchain Evidence Locker’ By Leonovus For The Legal Industry

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Blockchain Evidence Locker

Leonovus is now providing a new product called the Blockchain Evidence Locker. In fact, Leonovus is trying something new. They are taking trial orders in the first quarter 2018. So, Leonovus is hoping to deploy this technological solution by the first quarter of 2019.

What’s Blockchain Evidence Locker used for?

Well, let’s break down a peculiar challenge that the target industry faces. All law enforcement agencies and similar organizations face a challenge with storing the evidence that they have uncovered. Indeed, there is a compelling need to keep the evidence true, tamper-proof, and in safe custody. Sure, there are notable tech gadgets that are driving development on this issue. though, these gadgets are not doing enough. So, Leonovus developed the platform to address the needs.

Where Blockchain Evidence Locker Comes in

Indeed, the platform helps law enforcement agents to address their storage needs. Indeed, on the platform, the digital evidence they have gathered remains available and verifiable through cryptography. With the Leonovus patent algorithm, they can share, encrypt, and spread data across a given network. It doesn’t matter what network that is!

It could be on-premises, multi-cloud storage nodes or hybrid. In the end, this secure and internally accessible method guarantees risk management and provides governance and compliance in the ecosystem. What’s more? Additionally, the advanced architecture minimizes latency, cuts the cost of remote backup, and optimizes availability. Not to mention that it meets data sovereignty requirements.

In Practical Terms

What this means in reality is that law enforcement agents find the Blockchain Evidence Locker very relevant and useful. The police, courts and prosecutors maintain chain of custody of their digital evidence. Furthermore, the Blockchain Evidence Locker captures and records all the evidence, and enables access monitoring. In addition, the platform reports whenever there’s an update or deletion of evidence. Users, such as an agency or the police, manage Leonovus’ Blockchain Evidence Locker themselves. Thus, the users have total control over its use and processes.

The Management Explains Some More

Leonovus has eight public safety and law enforcement agencies that it is currently dealing with, says Michael Gaffney, Chairman and CEO. He stated that they look forward to these companies starting a paid product trial verification process. Gaffney added that the product offers utilities that go beyond the legal enforcement and utility markets. Companies’ requirements of standard compliance and Europe’s GDPR Law stipulate that corporate data be managed like an evidence locker, he stated. The Blockchain Evidence Locker complies with the new GDPR regulation in Europe, Gaffney says.


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