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Microsoft Advocates Integration With Azure Dev Kit

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Microsoft releases its anticipated Azure Blockchain Development Kit.

Microsoft has upped the tempo on the exploration and deployment of blockchain technology. The software giant has since confirmed the release of a new serverless blockchain-development kit. Azure Blockchain Development Kit is the new kit that seeks to improve the company’ blockchain workbench.

Azure Blockchain Development

Built on top of Microsoft serverless technology, the kit is to enhance seamless integration of blockchain technology with Microsoft and third-party SaaS. According to Microsoft, the new kit will enhance the blockchain developer’s template. It should also enhance the Azure Blockchain Workbench that includes services for key management.

The development kit should make it easy for individuals and organizations to connect to blockchain via various interfaces. The development kit also comes with SMS and voice interfaces as well as the Internet of Things integration. Moreover, the kit will support mobile clients, bots and virtual assistants.

The release of Azure Blockchain Development Kit seeks to address three key themes. First, it should enhance the connection of interfaces. Microsoft expects it to play a pivotal role in the integration of data and systems. It should also help developers in the deployment of smart contracts and blockchain networks.

Similarly, when it comes to smart contract interaction, the tech giant included Workbench integration scenarios. Of course, the company has unveiled a whitepaper that tries to explain how to use the development kit.

Microsoft Blockchain Focus

Microsoft has once again reiterated its commitment to delivering end-to-end blockchain solutions. Likewise, it plans to make it easy for developers and common users to connect to blockchain from heterogeneous interfaces.

Businesses are using blockchain and smart contracts to facilitate multi-party processes. Blockchain also delivers real-time transparency of the states and events of those contracts to appropriate participants,” Microsoft clarified in a statement.

The introduction of the Azure Blockchain Development Kit comes two months after Microsoft unveiled a proof of authority algorithm for its Ethereum blockchain product. The product provides an easy way of building decentralized applications for private consortiums networks.

Similarly, Microsoft has confirmed plans for a new set of Logic App and Flow Connectors. The new connectors will enhance the connection to ledgers like Ethereum, Corda, and Bitcoin. The primary goal is to make it easy for people to deploy the decentralized apps quickly, securely, and easily.

The recent wave of development has led to the deployment of Azure technology in commercial areas such as Nasdaq’s Financial Framework. The integration seeks to facilitate easier buyer and seller matching as well as management delivery.

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