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MobileGo (MGO) Plans To Disrupt The Gaming Industry

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MobileGo (MGO) Plans To Disrupt The Gaming Industry

Today, the global cryptocurrency market is growing at an exponential rate, but not without pitfalls. While the bear market has held sway, all market indicators seem to suggest that the market may experience a spike in the near future. When that happens, the boom will create more overnight millionaires. Sure, new cryptocurrencies are joining the industry, creating values for users. One of such tokens cruising around the cryptocurrency landscape is MobileGo with the ticker MGO. It is a blockchain platform that aims to revolutionize the global esports industry. One may wonder about the strategy which the token will use to achieve that. Indeed, this is important given that there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies flying around the crypto-space. The good thing is, the public relations personnel is here to explain.

What MobileGo (MGO) Seeks to Achieve

The project’s Social Media Moderator (SMM), Alice, posted that MGO enables users to create a platform that facilitates peer-to-peer matchplay. Alice also pointed out, through the post, that with the tokens, users can democratize tournaments. In addition, the SMM listed other functions of the token to include a payment method for in-game purchases or games, gameplay modifier, and loyalty rewards. Specifically, purchasing in-between card games is one task that many gamers love to hate. However, cryptocurrency tokens aim to make the payment for such games easier. Alice noted that MGO seeks to tackle all the challenges surrounding traditional tournaments.

The MobileGo Strategy

To achieve its outlined objectives, the team has adopted some strategies; MobileGo is spurring gamers into action by rewarding them. Secondly, MobileGo is looking to expand its business horizons by teaming up with the movers and shakers of the global gaming industry. So, the blockchain project will see to it that MGO enables access to its esports platform. The beauty of a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem is that it transcends geographical borders, making MobileGo a potential global brand.

How MobileGo Works

By enabling peer-to-peer matchplay and democratizing tournaments, MobileGo is effectively making its platform void of any third-party interference. In addition to that, the MGO holders stand a chance of getting mouthwatering discounts for purchasing in-game content through its platform. With an MCAP of $53M USD and MGO trading at $0.5392USD (at the time of writing), MobileGo commands respect in the global gaming community.

Final Words

As more and more cryptocurrencies come aboard the crypto markets, it is natural for those that cannot compete favorably to give way to those that can. Indeed, many tokens will kick the bucket. Nonetheless, what is abundantly clear is that only tokens with strong use cases will stand the test of time.

Risk Disclosure

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