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Monaco Billionaires To Make First Crypto Investment In SuchApp

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In an effort to promote the adoption of mainstream blockchain technology across the globe, SuchApp has received the major support. A billionaire society has interest in their blockchain messenger application developed for the 5G wireless standard. Charter members of the exclusive 20 person society have a combined asset base of more $89 billion. Recently, they met in Monaco to learn more about SuchApp.

An app demonstration showed the ability to enhance communication between individuals, governments and also businesses. Impressed, the group began strategizing with SuchApp directors on ways to implement new blockchain backed business models.

First crypto investment

This marks the first time society’s members made a decision towards investing in a blockchain technology initiative. The communication capabilities and business tools of SuchApp impressed the billionaires. Now, the group also plans to base all their communications exclusively through the app.

“We are thrilled that these extraordinarily savvy individuals were able to recognize the potential that our application brings to the market… moving forward SuchApp will be the only social networking platform that they will use to do so,” said Ronny Shany, the company’s CEO.

Private group

The society will consequently use the private group feature of the app to engage and connect with like-minded business people. Additionally, only the charter members have access to the private group feature. That said, there are plans to consider non-members joining for a fee.

About two months ago, SuchApp announced the launch of the Exclusive License Program as a show of gratitude towards top investors. These investors assist the firm in increasing mainstream global adoption. The program’s launch saw businesses meeting all requirements regarding licenses, such as reaching the SPS token amount targeted for their country, committing to the maintenance of servers belonging to SuchApp.

These benefits include advertising revenues, group name purchases revenue, sponsorship agreements and 4K media revenues. At the time, SuchApp announced that one exclusive license was being given to each country, though, it would be free in the first year. Renewal of the license after one year will cost a fee.

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