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Monero Mining Pool Hacked By Cryptojacking Malware

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Monero is again the center of attention after it emerged hackers infected hundreds of websites with malicious software to mine the privacy coin. Security researcher, Troy Mursch, says Coinhive was the program used to ravage Monero’s mining pool.

Monero Mining Pool Hack

The hackers used the malware to gain access to people’s computers and then used their CPU without permission to mine Monero. However, the malware wasn’t malicious as it did not disrupt the computer system of the victims.

In most cases, very few people might have noticed that their computers had slowed because of the malware. In severe situations, the malware might have caused wear and tear on computers processors.

According to Mursch, hackers installed the browser mining software on more than 400 websites. They did so by exploiting a vulnerability in an outdated version of the Drupal content management system, CMS. The hackers used the malware to hunt for victims on sites that mostly considered safe for visitors and users.

The fact that the malware largely targeted people in government and education sites underscores the lengths hackers are willing to go to get their way. Another point of concern has to do with the malware mostly targeting websites hosted by Amazing Web Services.

Mursch has since released a list of sites that people should be aware of, as they may have been bogged down by the Monero mining malware. Some of the affected sites belong to the San Diego Zoo, The National Labor Relations Board and the University of Aleppo.

New Monero Wallet

Security breaches in recent months have affected Monero sentiment in the cryptocurrency space. The altcoin has already lost nearly 30% of its total market value over the past month after plummeting from highs of $300 towards the $200 level.

Experts warn that the cryptocurrency could pay a hefty price given that the wave of malware breaches. The trouble is forcing investors to walk out over security concerns. In a bid to reinvigorate its prospects, Monero has unveiled a new wallet named XMRwallet. Goals for the new wallet include fast and smooth transactions.

The wallet will also keep the identities of the users anonymous. The wallet is compatible with MyMonero and will support 10 different languages. The addition of a new wallet could have minimal impact should the altcoin fail to address previous security breaches.

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