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Here’s A New Month Gift For Android Users From TRON (TRX)

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Tron (TRX)

Happy new month, Android family! Here’s a little something for all of you. TRON (TRX), your darling cryptocurrency, is ushering all the Android smartphone users out there into this month of August in a special way. Obviously, it’s a season of new additions at the TRON Foundation as it launches its TronWallet Application for all Android OS users. Having uninterruptible access to TRX can’t get any better with TronWallet as it launches on Google Play. Yes, TRON (TRX) is steadily giving its community a reason to stay-put and await the goodies they have in store for them.

Yes, It’s True

Announcing the spectacular news through the @Tronfoundation Twitter handle late last night, the post encapsulated a couple of things that could be done with the app including receiving, sending and freezing TRX. They can also participate in token sales from their mobile devices.

The tweet added that voting for a Super Representative, a post currently occupied by TRON’s founder, can be effortlessly done via the smartphone now. Perhaps an iOS user may be wondering: what about us? Don’t sweat it! The TRON Foundation says yours is underway. So, you can go ahead and celebrate it knowing full well that it is going to launch soon.

Features of TronWallet

Some of the features on this app will wow the biggest TRX critic. Let’s break them down for you.

  • No charges as users send and receive TRX for free
  • It is fully decentralized peer-to-peer wallet. Guess what, no need to either sign up or log in. That feels good, doesn’t it?
  • The app supports all TRON network operations, except creating tokens
  • It is undoubtedly a user-friendly application. A lot of tech wizardry went into this app, making it user-friendly and pretty fast
  • TronWallet also offers push notifications, reassuring the users that the app is developed to alert them the second a transaction is processed
Meet the team

TronWallet is a product of four months of hard work by Gett/IO Inc. With $200,000 used to motivate the team, they were able to speed up the app development. Today, the Foundation is launching the app to culminate the TRON Foundation first anniversary and a new month. Gett/IO Inc. specializes in developing blockchain, AWS and JavaScript applications.  A lot of celebration seems to be happening at the TRON Foundation as July 30th was also founder Justin Sun’s birthday.


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