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Moss Channels His Expertise Into YouTube Series

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Mark Moss warns about Wall Street's intentions.

For sure, there is a possibility that Wall Street greatly covets the cryptocurrency industry. With this in mind, famous cryptocurrency analyst Mark Moss echoed such claims in his new YouTube series. These series, called Market Disruptors, expand on coordinated attempts by Wall Street to reign in the cryptocurrency industry.

Furthermore, spanning through 4 series, Moss divulges tactics employed by Wall Street to gain control over Bitcoin (BTC), as well as other cryptocurrencies, which would extend into a malicious manipulation of their prices. Similarly, Moss particularly calls out Wall Street for its dark arts of trying to “financialize” Bitcoin. Therefore, in such attempts, the Wall Street would artificially thrust Bitcoin into inflation, pushing the coin past its 21m hard cap. He elaborated on these points in the two of his YouTube series.

Of course, the titans of Wall Street are wary of cryptocurrency. Definitely, they have sufficient reason for such wariness. The Wall Street, as a gigantic financial apparatus, shows relative skepticism in adopting cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, expectations are rife that Wall Street would soon step into cryptocurrency trading. Although the intent for such intrusion into cryptocurrency by Wall Street remains suspicious.  This is because they may not entirely work in the positive interest of the cryptocurrency industry.

Playing Carelessly with Fire

Nonetheless, Moss warns that Wall Street was “playing with fire” if it still lusts over the cryptocurrency industry by nursing the ambition to take over the industry. Moss points out that the backlash could be catastrophic if Wall Street attempts its customary tactics on the cryptocurrency market. In fact, such tactics could include trying to financialize cryptocurrencies.

In as much as many self-acclaimed analysts litter the crypto market, Moss is one whose opinion commands respect. Yes, when someone of Moss’s repute speaks in the financial market, he definitely deserves attention.

You Should Listen to Someone Like Moss

Moss had his popularity enhanced by his powerful market insights and revolutionary fundamental analysis he consistently dished out from his famous I Love Crypto project. Uniquely, he comes with the rich experience of over two decades at the top of the financial industry. Many analysts don’t see things the way Moss does. Where many analysts fret to enter, such places are where Moss parties with his remarkably brilliant analysis.

“I was fortunate to have one person really explain things in detail, and he would always say, ‘I am telling you what I would want to know if I was on your side of the table.And so I want to do the same. I want to tell people what they should and need to know,” Mark says.


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