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NEO Global Capital Sees A Winner In Muzika

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Muzika and NEO Global Capital

Muzika, a South Korean blockchain project, has announced the successful completion of an investment deal with NEO Global Capital Strategic Partnerships. Indeed, this investment deal will see to it that the Muzika’s project does not lack funds as well as provide resource integration of the two partners. Based in Singapore, NEO Global Capital is the investment arm of NEO Foundation, and the investment company is one of the largest virtual currency holders in the Asia Pacific region.

NEO Global Capital Has a Mission

NEO Global Capital has a clear mission. The firm is out to disrupt existing business models by funding real-world companies. To NEO Global Capital, Muzika mirrors a project that aligns perfectly in its mission. So, that’s why they are injecting some reasonable investment funds in a startup project that could bubble under the radar. The musical platform currently has over 2 million users, and other investors have also shown interest in injecting some funds into the project. Impressively, many of these investors are highly rated companies from the blockchain industry. They include T3 Ventures, 256 Ventures, and Everest Ventures Group. These companies aren’t merely interested in Muzika but have also demonstrated their capacity to disrupt the global music industry.

The NEO Group Founder Praises Muzika

The Founder of NEO Global Capital, Tony Gu, explains what caught his fancy about the Muzika’s project. Gus stated that the Muzika team has demonstrated their convincing business management capacity and expertise in the industry. He noted that the Muzika/Ontology partnership gives the startup an edge in the industry regarding the ecosystem operability and technological infrastructure. NEO Global Capital, he said, would contribute its quota to the betterment of the global music industry through investing in relevant projects.

More on NEO Global Capital

Indeed, NEO Global Capital’s focus is investing in blockchain-driven projects. Muzika is certainly not the first project that NEO Global Capital has made an investment in. Sure, the investment firm has also injected some funds in Bluezelle Ecosystem, Ontology, P2P Network Trinity, and Ruffchain. The company is growing rapidly. Experts say that the growth is a result of doing strict due diligence before investing in projects. Previous projects that NEO Global Capital invested in have become roaring successes today. With this investment, Muzika can grow and expand to other markets.

According to Muzika’s CEO, Inseo Chung, NEO Global Capital has set the project on the right path. He noted that the musical startup is about to “set off for an exciting journey ahead.

Chung was visibly excited about the new deal.


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