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NEON ID To Employ Human Traits As Useful Tools

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NEON ID links 16 colors to human traits.

To briefly introduce it, NEON ID is a patented and interactive 16-color system. Interestingly, the team behind NEON ID aims to lay over Internet functions with this technology. Each color will mirror nuances of real people, which then helps to provide valuable superdata. To source this data, NEON ID will target real people, who will receive incentives in real time. In addition, advertisers and publishers can also use the decentralized platform to exchange data, thus receiving reliable analytical data about their consumers over blockchain. Regarding its release, NEON ID will officially launch in Spring of 2019.

Objective of NEON ID

NEON aims to help people understand their “vibes” as against those of other people. Consequently, it will create an online connection of users who can monetize their personal data. Apart from that, by monetizing personal data-sharing, NEON seeks to drive cryptocurrency adoption into the mainstream. When NEON finally achieves this, ordinary people can use digital currency just as they spend their fiat money through their credit and debit cards. Through research and psychoanalysis, NEON will help users to identify color “fingerprints.” In the end, users will be earning from their valuable personal data just by surfing the Internet.

How Did NEON Come About?

One can trace the history of NEON ID to its founder. Indeed, Gillian Delaunay, the Founder and CEO of NEON, worked closely with psychologists. By and large, the team of psychologists used a psychological assessment to measure the key human traits, thus demonstrating a good grasp of it. To achieve this, they observed common human nuances, desires and habits. Furthermore, they drafted some short questions to help the users to identify their “color fingerprints.” Therefore, a user’s color fingerprint acts as a token, which the user decides whether to sell or not. In this case, the function of blockchain technology is to keep the user data transparent and secure.

Essentially, a user can search for results of unique color fingerprints that complements his/her color fingerprint personality. NEON ID contains a wide spectrum of color fingerprints, numbering 16 in all. Some of them include yellow, blue, purple, fuchsia, green, and magenta. Apart from searching for similar or dissimilar color fingerprints, users can also use the platform for other reasons. For instance, they can see what is happening nearby, see reviews, find restaurants and vacation spots, and much more.

The Use of Blockchain Technology

The development of NEON ID would be incomplete without it leveraging the capabilities of blockchain technology. Basically, the system will go live on Ethereum by using ERC20 tokens and NEON exchange smart contracts. What’s more? Fundamentally, the role of the NEON exchange smart contracts will be to process the transactions between advertisers and users. In addition, NEON tokens will facilitate engagement between major brands and users through its retail platform. To be sure, the token will offer major brands easy entry with retail digital currency.

Risk Disclosure

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