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Olymp Capital Ushers Europe Into The Cryptosphere

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Olymp Capital opens EU's first crypto-fund.

Asset management firm Olymp Capital has announced the release of a blockchain-based crypto-asset fund. This comprehensive fund will be the first of its kind in the whole of Europe. At the launch of the fund, Olymp Capital unveiled the benefits it offers to all prospective investors.

These products include blockchain-based private equity, fund activity based on cryptocurrency hedge funds, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). To make it more attractive, the fund accepts both fiat and cryptocurrency investments.

Who are the Team Members?

Indeed, our team members are attached to technocrats, Olymp Capital says. Drawn from traditional finance and blockchain environments, the team members pride on having Europe’s best technocratic czars.  Take, for instance, the accomplished tech-preneur Christophe de Courson who serves as the chief executive. Similarly, it‘s chaired by Paul Bougnoux, co-founder of French finance consulting firm Largilliere Finance. No doubt, these experts are positioned to man the affairs of the fund, almost guaranteeing shareholders’ ROI (return on investment).

Some Interesting Statistics

A careful look at the statistics shows that ICO market raised a whopping $5.9B USD in 2017 alone. In 2018, it got even bigger, raising $13.7B USD so far. Yes, the process has raised more than double the 2017’s sum despite that we are still in Q3 of 2018. In spite of these interesting figures, investors don’t always learn about ICOs early enough.

Sadly, they get to know about ICOs over the internet, especially when the rounds are about to end.  The first quarter of 2018 saw ICO rise 55% of the year’s total (so far). However, the best five ICOs raised 1,100% of their estimated capitals.

Where Olymp Capital Comes In

Olymp Capital will serve as the all-important bridge between the ICO market and prospective investors. By doing so, they can help in spotting topnotch investment propositions. Also, the firm will help fund managers to identify and screen feasible ICOs the way investors cannot match them.

To this end, Olymp Capital has partnered New York-based crypto-asset analysis firm Fundstrat Global Advisors. In addition to Fundstrat Global Advisors, Olymp Capital will collaborate with tech research institute SystemX. Also, Olymp Capital has established a global network that will play a vital role in the ecosystem.  Indeed, the spread spans from Luxembourg to Paris, New York to Singapore, covering all the globe’s economic arteries.

Role of the Network

Basically, the global network will help the firm pick the best opportunities the world over. This, no doubt, will create a select global ecosystem for the fund. During its ICO rounds, Olymp will collect cryptocurrency investments through its account wallet. This is quite a step from what is obtainable in today’s cryptocurrency sphere.


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