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PayBito Pro Builds Upon The Success Of Its Retail Platform

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PayBito Pro Builds Upon The Success Of Its Retail Platform

No doubt, hardly a week passes by without HashCash being in the news for the right reason. This week is no exception as the blockchain giant team has launched the PayBito Pro version. The launch of PayBito Pro makes virtual currency trading easier for users. PayBito is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that offers traders and investors the opportunity to trade and exchange digital assets.

About PayBito Basic Version

Earlier, the firm launched PayBito Basic version, making the version available on iOS, Android, and on a website. However, what makes this version exciting is the futuristic features that it delivers. Some of these exciting features include SegWit-enabled, pending transaction handling, admin console, 2-factor authentication with GA, BIP-32, Firebase, block confirmation tracking, and many others.

Also, the virtual currency platform has a multi-signature and topnotch security features. In a bid to protect members’ accounts from hacking, the platform operates within a bank-level security standard. Other interesting features include 3-point architecture, hot wallet, and multi-signature cold vault. That’s not all.  In addition, there are DDoS Mitigation, monitoring and logging, firewall protection, data encryption, identity, and access control.

About PayBito Pro

The “PayBito Pro,” which is the all-new version from the stable of the industrious California-based company, is the “Trading Version” while the “Basic Version” is the “Retail Version.” The pro Version functions as an open order book, allowing buyers and sellers to buy and sell digital currencies based on trading conditions. Unlike the basic version, the HashCash’s Pro Version allows a P2P exchange on the platform.

On the other hand, the basic version is a closed order version where the users and the exchange determine the rate at which trading takes place.

Official Statement

The Managing Director (MD) of HashCash Consultants, Raj Chowdhury, said that PayBito offers White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange to many small and large-scale enterprises. Indeed, Chowdhury stated that they currently experience a spike from banks that look to offer digital currency exchange services to their retail customers. The HashCash MD noted that the trend is nonetheless unprecedented.

Background Information

Looking at the big picture, PayBito is a global leader in cryptocurrency asset-trading. The platform offers its services filled with experienced team managers. The members of the team are peopled with technocrats from the blockchain technology ecosystem, cryptocurrency systems, and cryptocurrency trading.

Similarly, HashCash products allow users to settle cross-border payments and move assets in real-time via blockchain. HashCash has no fewer than 100 enterprises using its products across 26 countries. Its reach spans across a wide spectrum of fields such as corporate payment, fintech companies, trade finance, banks, Domestic Payment Networks, and many others.


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