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Peer Mountain Partners With Prolific BRD Platform

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Peer Mountain partners with BRD Platform

Peer Mountain, the contracting and identity protocol, has gone into a strategic partnership with BRD platform. The companies inform that the partnership will lead to the sales of Peer Mountain Token (PMTN) through the BRD platform. Essentially, BRD platform serves over 1.4 million mobile users. Information indicates that the collaboration will come into effect from October 2nd, 2018.

Details of the Deal

Based on this partnership, BRD users can now purchase PMTN in exchange for established cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH). However, the BRD app will enable the transaction. Indeed, this will certainly be a unique experience as few token issuers have ever enabled such sales within the mobile network.

In addition, users who purchased PMTN tokens via the BRD Wallet will get BRD tokens in airdrops in appreciation. Yes, this is a way of thanking them for their commitment to the BRD Wallet and Peer Mountain. The platform will feature both the traditional methods of depositing on a desktop and through mobile apps. The latter enables users to purchase PMTN with the assurances of simplicity and security. Also, delivering the new BRD Secure Checkout means that users are safe from errors stemming from copy-and-paste operation and transfers.

Benefits of BRD

Indeed, there are certain benefits that the BRD app offers its users. The BRD Wallet will make the process of purchasing PMTN simple. Additionally, BRD users can purchase ETH with their payment (credit/debit) cards. In turn, ETH will find use in purchasing PMTN during the token sales.

Official Statements from BRD and Peer Mountain

The BRD Europe’s Executive Director, Ada Vaughan, gives her opinion. Vaughan said that they are excited to launch token sales with a great platform such as Peer Mountain. She noted that they’ve keyed into the method which Peer Mountain is using to change the way people manage their information. She noted that their partners would launch token sales on the blockchain, adding that they are proud to be a part of it.

The Founder and CEO of Peer Mountain, Jed Grant, also comments on the development. Grant revealed that the BRD platform is safe and secure, holding over $6B USD under its protection. He noted that they are proud to work with such as an experienced team. Speaking further, he pointed out that having PMTN token on BRD Wallet makes it easy to purchase like other cryptocurrencies. In conclusion, Grant expressed his excitement over the partnership, noting that he looks forward to the benefits they would get.

Background Information

Peer Mountain is a cross-chain protocol that links ID holders with various businesses, thus powering eCommerce at a large scale. On the other hand, BRD looks to encourage the adoption of blockchain-enabled financial services within the mobile ecosystem.


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