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Platform 6: The Enterprise Blockchain Application Platform

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Platform 6

Amalto, a reputable provider of transaction manager and B2B document exchange solutions, is launching Platform 6. In this case, it will radically change the process of creating blockchain applications. To clarify, it will help startups, developers, integrators, as well as IT firms, create blockchain apps in no time.

This blockchain-agnostic platform is outstanding in the way it incorporates off-chain features and services, putting it all easily within the reach of the developer. In view of this, the developer can easily build, run, nd package enterprise-class decentralized applications.

At its start, Platform 6 came in as a solution to the traditional fractures of B2B transaction and process automation. Majorly, it targeted the big boys in the industry like Chevron, Superior Propane, Suez, and other dignitaries. However, as time passed, it enjoyed a diversification. In light of these renovations, it now accommodates just any type of organization, developer or startup. Preeminently, Platform 6 is now very compatible with Ethereum, making it much easier to be assimilated into the blockchain.

Additionally, in the time to come, Platform 6 will feature increased support for other blockchain frameworks. It is now possible for Developers to sign up for the Early Adopter Program joining companies Ondiflo and ConsenSys who are judiciously using Platform 6 to create amazing blockchain applications.

An Impressive Range of Capacities for Platform 6

Another key point, Platform 6 comes with an admirable armory of functionalities. You can easily enjoy everything required to build enterprise-class applications. This spans the organizational structure, data transformation, the responsive-design User Interface, the APIs and other features.

In addition to this, developers will enjoy the capacity to build additional custom services in a variety of languages. Such languages spread across .Net, Node.js, Java and even Go. Aside from its integration with Ethereum, more is to come. For instance, Fabric Quorum, R3 Corda, and Hyperledger are to come. While it traditionally took months of painstaking effort to build blockchain apps, Platform will uncommonly change this. Within days, developers will easily design their apps, run them, and readily package them.

According to Emmanuel Thiriez, co-founder of Amalto and Platform 6,

“Platform 6 is architected to support peer-to-peer decentralized models and provides all the features to develop an enterprise application. We encourage developers to apply to Platform 6 Early Adopter Program and discover how easy and fast it is to build blockchain-based applications. They will benefit from a battle-hardened platform in wide production by global companies and will also be able to leverage Platform 6 built-in monetization scheme to generate recurring revenue.”


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