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Poker Developers Need To Up Their Games With Blockchain

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Poker Developers Need To Up Their Game's With Blockchain

As blockchain developers continue to build on the innovative technology, the gaming industry is paying close notice. Poker has been around from time immemorial, but there hasn’t been a high-quality poker-on-blockchain system yet. Admittedly, there are a few games of chance on the blockchain already, but there’s no denying that they are not engaging and thrilling enough. Indeed, this is a new challenge that blockchain gaming developers have to tackle. What are the poker lovers’ expectations? Without further ado, here’s something for backend gaming mechanics to ponder over.


You see, one of the factors that will definitely attract poker gamers is when blockchain poker is fast. The present blockchain games of chance are annoyingly slow. Poker is a serious business. Another way to look at it is that pro players can spend serious dough while playing the game. Therefore, they won’t find it economically viable to move from the centralized system to the blockchain. Plasma Project, similar to Bitcoin Lightning Network, might just be the solution to the speed problem. Though, we are not sure yet.

Awesome User Experience

Of all the factors that gamers look forward to in an ideal gaming ecosystem, awesome user-experience comes first. Indeed, online games that lack this quality will never see the light of the day. While Ethereum dApps effectively eliminate the issues of security and privacy in the blockchain gaming ecosystem with RNG, confirmation speed remains unsolved. However, Qlear Protocol seems to be offering a glimmer of hope. The company, which bills itself as the “trust machine for online gaming,” plans to change the blockchain gameplay. To this end, Qlear Protocol says it will develop a safe and secure gaming platform with the aid of Loom Network’s Plasma sidechain on Ethereum blockchain.

Way Forward

Undoubtedly, the current blockchain technology is ready to make room for serious poker as it still leaves a lot to be desired. However, there are many blockchain gaming companies that are offering scaling proposals to improve user experience. While it may be difficult to determine the best platform to scale poker-on-blockchain, Qlear looks promising. The reason is that it prioritizes robust gameplay even at an early development stage of its platform. On the other hand, the Loom Network seems to suggest that blockchain gaming was merely an after-thought.

Attracting the Poker Community with Blockchain

To garner the attention of the poker community to blockchain is no rocket science. Just one caveat to keep in mind is that the developers of the platform have to get it right. Game operators and players wouldn’t mind switching to a new platform, but the move has to be worth it. All eyes are on the high-end startup developers. At this juncture, it doesn’t matter who gets it right. One thing is for certain, the poker-on-blockchain that offers awesome user experience and speed will revolutionize the online poker gaming ecosystem for good.

Risk Disclosure

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