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Poppy Increases TRON’s Usability And Reach

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Poppy point-of-sale the latest addition to the Tron Network.

The cryptocurrency space is moving at a quick pace. Projects are coming up in quick succession as entities struggle to beat the downward trajectory of cryptocurrency prices. TRON (TRX) is one such company looking to engineer cutting edge projects. Addditionally, the TRON Foundation is making strategic partnerships that aim at the mainstream adoption of TRON. Foremost, the addition of their latest Poppy app will greatly help in achieving their goals.

Particularly, the team behind TRON believes that the platform is superior to Ethereum. This is because they offer almost similar services when it comes to smart contracts. In a recent video cited by AMBCrypto, Marcus Zhao, the Technical Manager for the TRON project proclaims TRON’s superiority. As per the statements in the video, Zhao says,

“As far as I know, TRON is the only public chain without any post-launch problems. I don’t know why he said there are many vulnerabilities in TRON. In comparison, ETH, BTS and EOS had block generation problems when they were first launched.”

Poppy to Stimulate Adoption of TRON

The Justin Sun-led project is also in the news for several launches that seek to popularize the project. According to a Medium blog post, TRON announced the launch of a new TRON Developer Suite. As per the post, this new “all-in-one toolkit” eases the interaction between developers and the TRON Main Network (mainnet). Actually, it makes the developers’ progress on the mainnet faster and with increased efficiency.

In addition, another blog post on Medium reveals that the TRON Foundation launched Poppy app will facilitate digital payments. According to the post, Poppy is a Point of Sale (PoS) system that specifically operates within the TRON ecosystem. Therefore, this implies that the Poppy PoS utilizes only TRX, the TRON Network native cryptocurrency.

Further Announcements

At the center of the new solution is the desire to propel the mainstream adoption of TRON. As a result, the Poppy payments’ system offers an agile and integrated platform. With a Poppy app, merchants can instantly offer payment services.

Most importantly, the TRON Foundation, through its CEO, announced the possibility of a major partnership soon. Writing on his Twitter account, Justin Sun said,

“Finally, first time to partner with tens of billions USD valuation industry giant. Guess the name…”

Apparently, there is a lot of talk around the crypto-verse on who that strategic partner may be (some are saying Baidu). Observers are working overtime to determine what company TRON is implying. Such news is especially relevant at this time. The crypto-market is in a bearish mood that seems to be hurting the prices of all the cryptocurrencies. Therefore, any effort that can salvage some value and restore confidence is highly welcome.

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