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Quoine Unveils ICO Execution Platform, ICO Mission Control

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Japanese cryptocurrency startup Quoine has launched an all-in-one Initial Coin Offering platform. Dubbed ICO Mission Control, the platform seeks to help blockchain startups and teams conduct token sales securely and transparently in compliance with KYC and AML requirements.


ICO Mission Control

The platform is to be implemented into Quoines Qryptos exchange before its final integration into the Liquid platform for which the startup raised $105 million in token sales last year. Once the platform is up and running, token issuers will be able to receive real-time data on token sales. They will also be able to see performance driven marketing analytics.

ICO settlement in ICO Mission Control will occur in real time thereby minimizing the risks common in current standalone ICO processes. Startups that carry token sales through the platform will also have their cryptocurrencies listed on Quoine’s cryptocurrency exchange, Qryptos.

Quoine co-founder and CEO, Mike Kayamori, has also affirmed commitment to combating cybersecurity challenges that have plagued many ICO platforms. According to the executive, the current ICO climate requires a lot of caution. Severe problems exist as people continue to explore ways of scamming unknowing investors.

Fake deposit addresses, customer data leaks, website hacks and phishing attempts are some of the problems that have plagued the ICO marketplace. However, concerned by the potential loss of crucial data or money, would-be ICO participants have had to shun the space forcing token issuers to do a lot of marketing on why people should invest in their project.


ICO Fraud Claims

ICO Mission Control will bring global standards of security and technology according to Mr. Kayamori. The aim of providing token issuers an easy way of launching safe and secure ICO projects is the goal. Singapore blockchain company, Vurl, will be the first startup to launch a token sale on the ICO Mission Control Platform.

The launch of the ICO Mission Control platform comes amidst growing concerns about ICO projects. A Satis Group report shows as many as 81% of ICO projects carried out last year have already collapsed.

ICOs have emerged as risky investments. Regulators around the world have been forced to swing into action in an attempt to clamp down on fraudulent projects. Modern Tech, a Vietnamese cryptocurrency company, shut down operations after vanishing with $660 million of investors’ money form an ICO.

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