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Revain (R) Employs AI To End Shoddy Reviews

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Revain leverages both blockchain and AI to improve online reviews.

The Revain (R) platform is on a mission to leverage blockchain towards ensuring integrity in online reviews. First released in 2017, the company released version 0.3 in December 2017. The plan was to release v1.0 by the second quarter of 2018. However, due to unexpected delays, the company announced the release of v1.0 in early Q4 of 2018.

Full-scale Revain (R) Platform Incorporates a Wider Range of Features

According to Crypto Economy, the online review platform is now in an official ready-to-use form. The v1.0 comes at an important time just shortly after a pilot went live in mid-August. In particular, the new version targeted Revain token holders and other already existing users. Unlike the other pre-beta versions, v1.0 incorporates a wider range of offerings.

The platform comes with more advanced features which include Revain AI and an incentive system for authors. In addition, there is a complete migration of the platform onto a full-functioning blockchain network. Although the beta version ran on a blockchain platform, the integration was partial.

Interestingly, the full-scale version will also incorporate a verification system that will ensure security for user data. In essence, this will support the property that ensures that authored reviews are manipulation-proof.

Integration of the platform onto a blockchain platform will facilitate secure storage of all data regarding all the reviews made. In addition, there is a special page that enables other users to view already authored reviews.

Bull Run for (R)

There are other breathtaking additions that will certainly appeal to many users. Firstly, the Revain AI will apply machine learning to authenticate reviews. In particular, the feature will rely on available data to facilitate the authentication. Further, Revain AI revolutionizes the way authors receive rewards for their authored reviews. The feature will “filter out low-quality reviews” to create more space for deserving and impactful content.

Regarding the rewards system, the Revain platform now incorporates a native token for value transfer. In particular, authors will receive their rewards in (R) tokens with which they can settle transactions over the same platform.

Over the past 24 hours (at the time of writing), (R) is up 17.78% during trading. Therefore, one Revain now earns $0.245 USD or 0.00003807 BTC. Interestingly, in the last week+ leading to the release of v1.0, the token is seeing a meteoric rise against the dollar. This marks it the highest grossing since the announcement of a beta version of the Revain platform.

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