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Although cannabis is legal in various jurisdictions, the mainstream media is still somewhat uncomfortable with the sector. In this view, launches to provide a platform through which enthusiasts can interact. Plus, the platform will facilitate advertisements of cannabis-related products and services.

According to a press release, the Smoke Network mainnet launched after successful trial runs. Per the release, the Network had a successful initial coin offering (ICO) which saw over 25,000 pre-signups. Particularly, the platform will facilitate a decentralized social network designed after Facebook and other social media giants.

Smoke.Io – A New Avenue for Cannabis-Related Adverts

Essentially, the cannabis sector is still far from public acceptance. Although the law might recognize the product, the social environment is still conservative. Moreover, even the technology sector is using its clout to censor cannabis content. Oftentimes, this disadvantages the sector. Therefore, is a way to circumvent the repression of cannabis-based businesses.

Interestingly, the network will operate just like a conventional social media platform. Cannabis-related businesses will run their adverts on the platform. Moreover, the Smoke Network will incorporate SMOKE digital currency. Particularly, the native coin will facilitate transactions over the platform. For instance, businesses will pay for advertising using the cryptocurrency alongside others as the user may prefer.

In essence, offers, “new avenue for legal cannabis businesses to advertise free from the censorship of the mainstream media.”

Furthermore, the news release reveals that users will earn SMOKE cryptocurrency through content approval. The aim is that such rewards will encourage businesses to create high quality content.

Blockchain Is Central to Cannabis Take-off

At the core of the network’s strategy is the aim to help cannabis stakeholders tackle everyday issues. Further, the team behind acknowledges that the challenges facing the cannabis sector are manufactured. Therefore, with a little more effort and innovation, the sector can operate freely without the shackles of mainstream media.

By tackling real-world issues facing cannabis-based businesses on social media and providing a platform for high-quality cannabis content producers to earn revenue off their work, Smoke Network aims to position itself as a blockchain with a strong use case for the global cannabis industry,” the news release reads in part.

Inevitably, cannabis could become legal in regions all across the globe. In a sense, as launches, it wants to beat the path for potential enthusiasts. Most importantly, blockchain holds a great potential in terms of facilitating the early stage development of the cannabis sector.

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