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Spacebit Democratizing Space Exploration With EOS

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Spacebit Democratizing Space Exploration With EOS

Space missions greatly rely on satellite communications. Accordingly, the space exploration ecosystem is seeing a lot of activity with many more satellites launching. Therefore, reports of Spacebit leveraging the EOS blockchain for the purpose of enhancing space mission efficiency is important.

Spacebit acknowledges that blockchain technology holds a lot of promise for the space industry. Particularly, the firm is using the technology to facilitate funding of space explorations, BitcoinExchangeGuide reports. In addition, Spacebit utilizes distributed ledger technology to operate missions related to space exploration.

Decentralizing Space Exploration for the Purpose of Efficiency

However, AMBCrypto reveals that the firm is taking the application of blockchain a notch higher. The publication reports that Spacebit, in association with Goonhilly, is developing LinkX, a ground station scheduling system. As per the report, LinkX utilizes all the aspects of blockchain technology. Reportedly, the new decentralized platform will go live in the coming months. Particularly, the launch will be a part of the Orbit: Linx global space communications platform.

Essentially, Spacebit aims to take the monopoly of space missions from the grip of wealthy nations. According to Pavlo Tanasyuk, Spacebit’s founder, the aim is to encourage private citizens to take part in space missions. “Spacebit can be able to encourage private citizens to take part in such missions by providing a form of governance that is highly decentralized,” he says.

Therefore, Spacebit leveraging EOS blockchain is strategic in that the platform promises the best services. According to Tanasyuk, EOSIO “is an ideal platform that can be used to coordinate global expertise better than centralized organizations can be able to do.

SpaceBit Leveraging EOS Blockchain to Avoid Bottlenecks

Further, AMBCrypto explains that the Orbit: Linx platform seeks to facilitate the efficiency of space mission communications.

The platform aims to create a more efficient model for access to low-Earth and deep space communication networks using decentralized ground station networks enhanced with distributed ledger technology and smart contracts,” AMBCrypto’s article reads.

Particularly, the proposed model will lower barriers to entry in the space exploration ecosystem. Further, it will open opportunities for commercial exploitation of space missions by any entity with a desire to do so.

Interestingly, LinkX will further create a service that will facilitate optimum utilization of data relayed from space to ground stations. Ultimately, customers will be able to avoid “bottlenecks, downtime, and double bookings.” Eventually, the service will enable full automation of systems which will result in a flexible system for conducting space missions.

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