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Swiss Alps Energy To Offer Environmentally-Friendly Crypto-Mining Service

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Crypto-Mining Service

Swiss Alps Energy has announced a discovery towards reducing the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining and blockchain-driven businesses. According to Swiss Alps Energy, the answer lies in opening specialist facilities, which will be located in the Swiss Alps. These specialist facilities will find homes in the numerous unused buildings that are in the area. Instead of leaving the unused buildings to decay and disintegrate, they will now serve as sites for digital currency mining.

Swiss Alps Energy proposes blockchain infrastructure and mining power run through the buildings. They will apply a modular cube system technique to help them build and implement dust-protected mining components on site. According to Swiss Alps Energy, the pre-fabricated structures require little maintenance because of their automation and flexibility. The structures possess a central management platform that ensures maximizing the mining potential of each cube

High altitude

The ideal locations for the cubes are high altitude places. Instead of wasting emitted heat from the mining process, there will be a recovery process. Additionally, electricity will be saved since there will be no need for air conditioning systems as the temperatures are pretty low. On average the temperatures are typically below 15 degrees centigrade throughout the year. There is an estimation that there will be a significant drop in electricity consumption at the facility.

Swiss Alps Energy will rent out individual mining capacities or entire cubes. Customers will use SAM tokens to pay for these services. A crowd sale for SAM tokens will begin this month.

BlockShow Europe 2018

Some of the reasons why cryptocurrency mining firms have a preference for Switzerland is because of the abundant supply of cheap renewable energy. Another reason is the relatively conducive environment for virtual currencies and blockchain technology. Last month, a study conducted by BlockShow Europe 2018 ranked Switzerland as the number one most attractive European country for starting a blockchain business. Roughly 48 European countries received surveys. They were questioned on various sectors and subsectors. Additionally, their survey included questions on cryptocurrency regulations, Initial Coin Offerings, and digital currency taxation frameworks.

In Switzerland, digital currency investors have a tax-free haven as well as a crypto valley establishment in the canton of Zug. Other European countries which performed well on the BlockShow Europe 2018 list included Gibraltar and Malta. They came in the second and third position, respectively.

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