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Tezos (XTZ) Emerges From Stagnancy With Multiple Projects

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Tezos (XTZ) Emerges From Stagnancy With Multiple Projects

Controversial cryptocurrency Tezos (XTZ) is continuously in the news for one or another reason ever since the launch of its ICO in July 2017. In spite of facing multiple hiccups, the project is finally live and going. Things look to be moving positively since the Tezos Foundation announced the launch of its mainnet last month.

Here are some of the good initiatives by its foundation, which puts the cryptocurrency platform on a long-term growth trajectory.

Focusing on Education and Research

The Tezos Foundation has emphasized focus on education, research, and content of its platform. It is a healthy sign as the project aims to continue to grow and evolve with time. By adopting the path of research, Tezos can garner active attention from the industry. It can further help to push the cryptocurrency towards mass adoption in the future.

A number of prestigious institutions are involved with the platform’s educational and research efforts. Some popular names include INRIA, Cryptium Labs, Cornell University, and France-IOI.

Tezos Explorer and Blockchain Analysis Tools

Currently, there is a high demand for explorers and blockchain analysis tools in the cryptocurrency market. Accordingly, a number of block explorer and transaction analysis tools for Tezos are available in the market. These tools help to make the ecosystem more approachable, especially for the new market players. Some of the popular block/contract explorers include Tezex, Tzscan, Tezos.ID, and Tezos.Red.

Support from Third-Party Foundations

Even though Tezos has got its own foundation to support development, it is making smart collaborations with third-party supporters to spearhead its growth.

Some of the notable partners of the foundation include Smart Contract Labs, HackerOne, KZen Networks, and Obsidian Systems. Most of these development partners have the foundation’s grant to further cement the ties between different parties.

A Number of Wallets to Choose From for XTZ

For any new cryptocurrency in the market, one of the biggest struggles is finding a suitable wallet. Selecting an ideal wallet is also a tricky job as different users have different preferences. However, with the growing investor involvement in the cryptocurrency market, a number of wallet options have emerged in the past.

Some of the popular wallet options include CorTez, TezBox, Kukai, and Tezos Blue. For someone who is looking for a multi-cryptocurrency support, Atomic is one of the most suitable options. All the mentioned wallets are compatible with its mainnet. This could also help to trigger a broader adoption for XTZ in the future.


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