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Theta Upgrades Its Video Platform Integration

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Theta team works diligently on their blockchain-powered video streaming.

Team Theta has been busy with lots of projects pertaining to the launch of their testnet. No doubt, both internal and external developments have engaged the team.

Regarding the internal development, they have focused on dealing with the blockchain consensus mechanism, and optimizing higher upload deficiencies. In addition, the team has optimized high mesh streaming for higher-bandwidth video support.

As for external projects, the team is making effort towards understanding the requirements of their technical partners.

Lastly, they have launched a proof-of-concept (PoC) consensus mechanism as well as a prototype for it.

Other Areas of Interest

When it comes to other areas the team has ventured into, they have tried their test channel with Samsung VR. As a result, the team is anticipating its launch in no distant future. According to them, that will be in collaboration with a partner. Already, Theta has launched live on websites and apps for all to see. Despite all the positive developments hovering around Theta, the team admitted that its biggest challenge remains adoption. In that regard, the team notes that they are well aware that the challenge exists and are working round the clock to turn things around.

More Collaboration with Theta

Apart from teaming up with Samsung VR, the Theta team is also collaborating with MBN and CJ Hello. As a result, the team has prepared a suite of development tools to ensure that Theta syncs with the video apps of its partners. Indeed, the hard-working team noted that they are aware that the community has been waiting for the tools for a while. In a quest to share the tools with all members of the developer community, the team released all the tools to them. Technically, this means that any developer can build their decentralized app (dApp) on the Theta Network.

First Integration Option

Notably, the first integration option is the solution that leverages Theta player and Theta web widgets. Essentially, these tools help to display token earnings as well as traffic/bandwidth composition graph. To initialize the Theta web widget, the users will have to insert a few lines of HTML code and prepare a stream of URL. That’s not all. The developers will also have to add a couple of JavaScript lines.

However, beginners don’t have to sweat it when it comes to using these tools. In fact, the platform wallet and mesh streaming library make everything simple and easy for them. For instance, Samsung VR uses this method as its initial Theta integration.

Second Integration Option

Coming to the second integration option, it involves integrating the packaged Theta JavaScript client library. It is not a standalone as it goes with the application’s existing player. For peering, Theta will maintain the peer, wallet, and tracker servers. Also, for developers to use the mesh-streaming and token reward-tracking, they have to integrate the JavaScript library within an existing native player.

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