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TokenMatch Matchmaking Event Goes To Asia

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TokenMatch Goes To Asia

It seems the initial coin offering (ICO) related matchmaking event will make an appearance in Asian boardrooms. Notably, the TokenMatch matchmaking event is a joint effort between CoinAgenda and also Lydians Capital. According to a September 18th, 2018 press release, the event will be a feature on CNBC’s Crypto Trader show.

Additionally, the release goes on to add that the event will go live in Singapore from 8 AM until 6 PM. Besides that, as per the release, the event takes place in small boardrooms. In fact, the idea is to give the promoters and investors closer proximity for better deals. For Singapore, the matchmaking will go down at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

Stringent Conditions in the TokenMatch Matchmaking Event

Further detailing on the event, the release outlines tough conditions for participating ICOs. In part, the news release reads the event,

… features up to 21 carefully selected ICOs (with a minimum ranking of 4.0 on a scale of five and an average ranking of 4.5 on aggregated ICO ranking sites) with 80+ top investors and funds experienced in the digital currency sector.

According to,

“This is a very innovative system. Investors will be separated into boardrooms with token buyers. In each of them there will be over 20 buyers. Token teams will have just 20 minutes to present themselves to each boardroom and answer the questions from investors.”

Additionally, one of the founders of the program believes this is the most popular event in TokenMatch’s history. Michael Terpin founder of CoinAgenda says,

This will be our fifth edition of TokenMatch and the one with the most international focus to date. The single largest source of capital for token purchases this year has been Asian investors, so TokenMatch Singapore offers a unique opportunity to present in a private boardroom setting to leading investors from across Asia and the world in one day.”

Exclusive Event

Reportedly, testimonies abound tell how the event is important in the cryptocurrency world. In addition, most deals that have come out of the program are successful. As per the organizers, the idea is to push for the best matches for the benefit of the whole ecosystem. Eventually, the effort might lead to greater innovations that will catapult the sector to the next level. Most importantly, the organizers want to see a wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.

On his part, Leonard Boord, managing director of Lydians Capital, believes the program is a success. In his words,

ICO executives and investors alike continue to tell us that our small-format conferences provide a great platform for deal-making. TokenMatch is a great opportunity for token project founders to meet only investors, including some of the most influential funds in the blockchain world, in a closed-door environment.


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