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EOS Blockchain’s Most Successful Projects

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Top 3 EOS Blockchain Projects

A lot of businesses are turning towards adopting the blockchain technology which empowers them to build decentralized applications with specific use cases. So far, the Ethereum blockchain has been the most preferred choice of businesses. However, over the last few years, several Ethereum alternatives have arrived in the market. Some of the most formidable competitors to Ethereum include EOS, TRON, and Stellar.

Despite facing several hurdles during the launch, EOS has managed to make a name for itself. EOS challenges Ethereum in several aspects like performance speed, scalability, and transactions.

Here, we will be looking into top three projects built using the EOS blockchain technology.

3 Important Projects Built Using EOS Blockchain Technology


By leveraging EOS blockchain technology, Trybe is developing a new decentralized platform for content creation, curation, and collaboration. Trybe is setting a new precedence allowing passionate writers to create high-quality content and get rewards in return. The best content gets frequently featured on Trybe and earn the most Trybe tokens.

This peer review system gets experts to check and verify the articles before publishing them. Moreover, members of the Trybe community also get a chance to review, comment, and collaborate. Additionally, the Trybe platform has a built-in social network. It allows community members to follow, message, friend, and chat with other members.

You can read more about Trybe on its official website.


Although cryptocurrencies have ventured into the mainstream financial market, they are often seen as investment instruments rather than being considered for daily use. In this light, crypto startup, Flexa, is working towards increasing cryptocurrency spending in real-world purchases. Flexa’s mobile application, currently in the beta stage, lets you do that seamlessly.

Moreover, Flexa leverages EOS blockchain technology letting users make payments at several retail outlets without charging them any fees. All they need to do is scan the QR code and make instant payments.


Known as the encyclopedia of the blockchain, Everpedia helps to meet the growing surge for data. It lets anyone be a stakeholder of the system and earn ranks as well as token rewards for content curation.

Furthermore, Everpedia operates on an IQ network build over the EOS blockchain and has its native IQ tokens. It also permits live and permanent edits of a content in a decentralized manner. The holders of IQ tokens receive incentives to create quality and neutral content.

The Everpedia project is the creation of Wikipedia founders and also aims to improve the fundamental features  of the latter.

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