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Trade Virtual Items With WAX Explorer

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WAX Explorer bring user-friendlu interface and 3D visualization.

The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is making it easier for people to make good use of blockchain technology. The firm has launched an intuitive search tool dubbed, WAX Explorer, for trading digital items. The new blockchain is the first user-friendly block explorer that can process more transactions compared to other blockchains in operation.

WAX Explorer Features

Likewise, WAX has taken the visual representation of the new platform to another level with the unveiling of 3D interactive features. The new features should make it easy for any person to leverage blockchain technology. Needless to say, this is a huge step in the right direction as the blockchain sector is known to be focused on the super tech-savvy.

The WAX Explorer allows users to drill down and see Item Genesis Transaction Details. It is also possible to view Block Details as well as ownership details. Likewise, users can view all transaction hashes that generate items on the blockchain as well as hashes on each transfer.

According to WAX Chief Executive Officer, William Quigley, WAX Explorer is an ideal platform for global e-commerce.

Every item traded on WAX is displayed in stunning 3-dimensional clarity. Customers can interact with any and every one of the millions of items created and traded every day. WAX Block Explorer looks different from all other block explorers because it is different. Designed for shoppers, not speculators,said Mr. Quigley.

Transactions Handling Capacity

The WAX blockchain can process tens of millions of transactions a day. It can also handle an average of 7,200 blocks an hour. Futhermore, the blockchain can transact an average of 4.6 million items a day. WAX Explorer now tops the likes of EOS, BTS, as well as STEEM, when it comes to the number of transactions it handles on a daily basis.

The majority of the transactions in WAX Explorer come from in-game items such as VGO Skins. The WAX blockchain has so far processed over 22 million transactions for VGO. Similarly, trading skins are also extremely popular on the blockchain.

The WAX Explorer popularity stems from the fact that it can provide a record of all blockchain transactions. Furthermore, its ability to provide a full representation of all items traded has gone well with most people.

WAX Explorer is still in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) phase. What this means is that people should expect more features in the coming weeks as WAX continues to polish its capabilities and features. The unveiling of new features is part of an effort for securing the safest and most convenient platform for trading virtual items.

Risk Disclosure

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