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How The TRON (TRX) Community Is Getting More Businesses To Adopt It

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Cryptocurrency has come to stay. Yes, it’s a fact that nobody can wish away. While many business owners have yet to come to terms with it, others are increasingly seeing the future that virtual currencies bring and are gradually keying into that future. In summary, encouraging businesses around the world to accept cryptocurrency in exchange for goods and services still remains a herculean task. As a consequence, TRON (TRX) community members are playing a vital role in promoting businesses that have adopted the digital currency.

Here Are Three Businesses That Have Adopted TRON (TRX)

You can use TRX to buy on or you may also visit their over 20,000 brick-and-mortar stores scattered across Spain and Italy to purchase any item of your choice. Last week, CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, tweeted that all users of TRX could buy from – both online and in stores. That’s one of the landmark achievements of the company.

  • Sam The Carpet Man

In case you are in the United States and you are not sure where to spend your TRX in New Jersey, Florida, New York City, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, Sam The Carpet Man is the right place to go. They provide a teeming number of clients with commercial carpeting services in the states above. And yes, you guessed right – they accept TRX. The company tweeted that they started accepting TRX on August 1st.

  • Underdogs Restaurant

Are you a fan of grub? If yes, Underdogs Restaurant has some good news for you. Sure, the restaurant – known for preparing yummy and sumptuous meals – wants you to come along with your TRX the next time you want to pay for some grub. They disclosed it via their Twitter handle @underdogs_llc15 on July 25th. Although they didn’t specify which locations accept it, just feel free to try the location in your neighborhood. And while at it, don’t hesitate to share the experience with us here so that our readers would know it is no hoax.

The Role Of The Community

Firstly, the love the TRX community has for the coin is simply amazing, and the members have taken up the responsibility of promoting the businesses that accept the token.

Also, they understand and follow every event that happens at TRON closely. It is a community peopled with proactive members who keep themselves on the speed dial to break any news as it happens.

Furthermore, they have launched the Core Tronic Program, a selfless service that they offer the community. Part of what they do in that program is translating the activities of TRON Foundation and TRX into international languages.

In summary, TRON has a community that is doing its bit to take the cryptocurrency to the next frontier.


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