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TRON’s Virtual Machine Spearheading Blockchain Technology

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Virtual machine from TRON supplants Ethereum's EVM.

Blockchain is consolidating itself as one of the most revolutionary technologies we have seen this century. Certainly, you will not argue with this, would you? One outstanding feature of blockchain technology is its flexibility and adaptation. In addition to this, blockchain is ever evolving to procure solutions to the cracks it fills and even creates. In particular, you should familiarize yourself with Virtual Machine tech to understand all the ramifications.

The Fascinating Evolution of Blockchain Technology

If we wind the hands of the clock a bit, we come back to the nascent era of blockchain dominated by Bitcoin (BTC). Graduating past this, we follow the evolution further to the time of Ethereum (ETH). Moving further we come across an age of blockchain that saw the influx of DApp applications. Not long after, the handicaps of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) started coming to the forefront. In light of this, the likes of TRON and Qtum Blockchain penetrated the scene driving further the evolution of DApp applications via the development of Virtual Machine (VM) technology.

VM technology is rapidly emerging in the face of proliferating DApp applications. The technology is becoming the forefront of public chain projects. In addition to this, VM technology, thanks to its completeness, will greatly transform how efficiently DApps would be applied in more conventional industries. In the future, this will trigger a significant swell in the users of each public chain.

TRON Curing the Ailments of the Ethereum Virtual Machine

The unfortunate reality is that Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is no longer the damsel it once was. Defects have been popping up which dents the allure of EVM. However, TRON looks to solve some ugly defects with its TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). Back in the early part of this year, TRON unleashed the TVM inventively garnishing blockchain with the technology of bandwidth.

This is very different from the gas consumption mode we know Ethereum for. Therefore, TRON is able to achieve the transaction of smart contracts as well as transfers at zero cost. Similarly, this is done with sufficient security. Markedly, the TVM engineered by TRON is not constrained by the total number of tokens. The reason for this is that a token consumption doesn’t exist in the first place.

Another key point is that the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) boasts an impressive compatibility with the current developer’s ecosystem. With this in mind, we see that TVM seamlessly meets the needs of the DPOS consensus mechanism. Correspondingly, TVM works efficiently with EVM’s environment. For this reason, developers can effectively deploy Solidity to debug, develop, and compile smart contracts in the same way as in the Remix environment. They wouldn’t have to learn a new programming language.


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