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Turing Space Industries Leverages Blockchain For AI

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Turing Space Industries Leverages Blockchain For AI

Turing Space Industries’ latest innovation, after its much talked about smartphone, is a parallel blockchain and decentralized application platform. AO:X Project is the new platform where people will be able to learn and access entertainment as well as products in the virtual augmented world.

AOX Platform by Turing Space

The company’s blockchain, AOX Parallel Chain, leverages the power of 51 parallel chains. In fact, each chain comes with a DPoS consensus based on a Proof of Stake capable of reducing latency. The consensus in use seeks to get rid of scalability issues that continue to cripple the digital ledger sector.

“We now stand at the confluence of four great forces in technology: emotional machine intelligence, massively parallel distributed systems powered by blockchain technology, augmented and virtualized reality, and high computation portable computing,” said Turing Space CEO Sly Chao.

AOX by Turing Space is not only a platform for the visually stunning immersive digital environment. Instead, it will act as a platform for reality building. People will be able to congregate and interact with millions of other like-minded people worldwide.

The platform will also enable the development of futuristic cities as part of augmented virtual reality. New commerce-enabled opportunities should crop up as well as the ability to interact with avatars of favorite celebrities.

Turing Space’s new platform is essentially creating a new scope of human imagination. According to Sly Chao, the intent is to develop a robust community-driven decentralized network. Furthermore, the long term plan is to position the AOX Universe as an ultimate meeting place and marketplace.

Importantly, the 3D and blockchain technology integrated in Turing Space’s AOX Universe should help support a more diverse artificial reality ecosystem. Moreover, it should also enhance social interactions between people, as well as endeavors that may be commercial in nature.


Turing Space delving into the blockchain and virtual augmented space comes months after it unveiled an innovative smartphone. The company is now better known for the HubblePhone, slated for shipping in 2020. Initially, the company had promised to release a smartphone with end-to-end encryption.

The 5G capable smartphone comes with separate AMOLED displays on two decks that allow for various viewing modes. Snapdragon 855 octal-core chips power each deck. Powered by 8GB RAM modules, the smartphone will also ship with 512GB of storage. Additionally, it features a 60-megapixel camera with a 15c optical zoom. At a price of $2,749, it will be interesting to see if the smartphone by Turing Space will be a hit or a fail.


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