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TWM (TRON Watch Market) Expands Tron’s Ecosystem

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TWM (TRON Watch Market) Expands Tron's Ecosystem

Are you wondering what TRON (TRX) is up to lately? Well, on August 30th, the team integrated the much-anticipated TRON Virtual Machine onto the TRON Mainnet. The event was significant in the life of the Tron project as it marked the beginning of a new era. No doubt, it was the kickoff of the era of Decentralized Applications (DApps). Just like a network developed to copy and improve on Ethereum, TRON Network has the capacity to create non-native tokens. That’s not all; there’s a lot more for developers and digital asset traders to look forward to in the form of TRON’s TWM.


In the cryptocurrency space, where the world’s leading exchanges have a centralized architecture, the TRON team wants to develop a decentralized exchange (DEX) for tokens. This decentralized exchange will effectively become a part of the TRON ecosystem. TRON Watch Market (TWM), the name of the DEX project, will boost the TRON ecosystem in a number of ways.

According to the TRON’s press statement, this initiative will enable traders to trade TRON, TRX20 and TRX10 on a decentralized and secure platform. In addition to that, the platform will increase the liquidity of the TRON Network. Interestingly, the decentralized exchange supports all TRON Network-powered tokens, and these tokens will benefit from the DEX.

TRON Watch Market (TWM) ICO

At the time of writing, the countdown of the token sales was nearing an end. So, all interested traders have moments to participate in the ICO round. Looking at the price of TWM, you can get 2 TWM with 1 TRX.

Also, the team explained that TWM token will facilitate essential features of the exchange. They listed these key features as lifetime trading, voting on the platform, and listing tokens that are TWM-payable.

Furthermore, at the time of writing, it was reported that TWM had collaborated with Sesameseed, the TRON community-based blockchain organization. With this collaboration, customers can buy TWM token through SEEDGerminator.

TRON Is Relatively New in the Crypto Space

In a bid to encourage crypto-asset investors and traders to understand Tron, the management released an official statement. In the press release, they clearly stated that TRON is new in the market and only launched its mainnet in June 2018. While clarifying the objective of the platform, the post stated that TRON has the goal of “decentralizing the web.” Also, the press statement noted that the project aims to create a DApp-friendly platform. As a result, the team believes that it will attract ICOs and developers. In conclusion, they added that the platform has the potential to catalog many tokens in the near future and that TWM has been released to make that successful.


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