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Victory Square And Keynote Partner To Get World Blockchain Forum To London, England

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Victory Square Technologies Inc. is partnering with Keynote, a blockchain event planning company. The partnership was established to bring the World Blockchain Forum to London, UK. The conference will take place from September 3–5, 2018.

The two-day symposium will yet again host a top-notch array of more than a 100 technology experts. These specialists will be sharing their expertise. This will be regarding the dangers, downsides, and expectations relating to blockchain as it emerges onto the global stage. The forum in London will be focusing on this new technology.  The talks will be specifically about investments, legal implications, and regulations. Apart from this, a discussion on the disruption of the banking industry by decentralization will also take place.

Shafin Diamond Tejani, CEO of Victory Square alleges, “The World Blockchain Forum will continue to serve as a breeding ground for innovation from the world’s brightest visionaries. We’re particularly pleased to see the emphasis on decentralization and disruption in the banking industry, which has become an important theme and core competency for Victory Square and its portfolio companies in the blockchain.”

The World Blockchain Forum is, in fact, a catalyst for foremost industry innovators, as well as disruptors. The forum includes Ethereum (present price a $27 billion USD market cap), Litecoin ($3 billion market cap), and Dash ($1 billion). Users of these forums will continue to promote innovation and development in this tech space.

World Blockchain Forum – Vital Annual Forum

According to Tejani, the event is the principal annual forum of its kind. It serves as a leading convention in both the blockchain and crypto world. The forum provides technical devices for investing, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Besides this, it also functions as a springboard into more seasoned investing.

The two-day meeting will be showcasing the most up-to-date inventions in the blockchain industry. The world’s top pioneers and skilled experts will be discussing the future and potential of this groundbreaking tech.

Tejani further says, “The Victory Square partnership with Keynote continues to strengthen as WBF: London is the third time we have teamed up to support emerging technologies and leading entrepreneurial teams. With each iteration of the World, Blockchain Forum becomes the direct opportunity for Victory Square to identify and connect with well-respected emerging technology innovators, investors, regulators and leading projects around the world while offering exposure to our own portfolio companies and incubated technological offerings.”


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