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Virtuse Exchange Offers Next-gen Tokenization

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Virtuse Exchange makes it easier to tokenize fiat money.

The officials of Virtuse Exchange say they will launch a next-gen platform soon. On the platform, users can create any token of their choice. Indeed, users can create their own financial instrument and trade it. Currently, the exchange is available on a working alpha build.

Virtuse Exchange promises to offer users a pair of cryptocurrency and traditional assets. Later, the next stage will be known as Phase II. This phase will be the actual creation of token-based assets. In this phase, there will also be the creation of Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens (DACTs).

What Role will Virtuse Play?

Looking at the role of DACTs, with it, a user can convert their traditional assets to token easily. In fact, when this is done, they will start trading it instantly. Similarly, traders with no technical experience can enjoy DACTs. Obviously, the assets that will traded on the platform are valuable ones. Examples are bond, equity, futures, and commodities. Also, Ethereum will underlie the platform. The DACTs will represent asset ownership. Middlemen will be eliminated. It will also eliminate entry barriers as well as its fees. Thus, it is accessible to all the users.

Official Explains Further

Virtuse Exchange’s DACT will lead to the innovation of the financial space, says Rastislav Vasilisin, Virtuse Exchange founder and CEO. He noted that it has also created an asset-backed virtual currency investment. These crypto investments with asset backing include bonds, stocks, other funds, and commodities, he posited.

Also, we are ready to show the game-changing platform to the world, the CEO boasted. Vasilisin also says that when the platform launches, traders can create their own tokens based on any value of their choice. With this concept, countless investors will join the ecosystem. This will enable trillions of dollars of transactions, he quipped.

Global Financial Assets

According to Deutsche Bank reports, global financial assets control about $300 trillion USD market. In fact, this is over a thousand times bigger than the crypto-asset economy. Though, the vast global market remains inaccessible to many people. The report further says that even countries with very developed capital markets are not immune to the challenge.

The report puts Germany as an example. It noted that only about 10% of German homes own stocks connected to financial market directly. However, on Virtuse Exchange, all interested households will have access to tokenized financial products or digital assets.

Background Information

Basically, Digital Asset Collateralized Token is the main innovation of Virtuse Exchange platform. When tokens are linked to underlying tradable real assets, there will be high liquidity on the platform.  The platform will also buy more assets, which will, in turn, make more assets readily available for trading. That is not to mention that more and more coins will be created easily.


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