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Voice Life Reinventing Wireless Power With NVIDIA Technology

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Voice Life

Voice Life Inc. is garnishing its Life-Line Power Connect platform with some modifications. Certainly, the Life-Line Power Connect platform will now identify, and wirelessly detect IoT and mobile receptive devices. In addition to this, the enhanced capacity of the platform will also see it delivering power to such devices. Similarly, the platform is able to expedite quick network discovery in addition to authentication so as to deliver power over Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the platform achieves this using NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) technology.

By the same token, Voice Life will design a wireless charging protocol in mold of the smart contract prototype. Millions of software neurons, as well as an almost infinite number of connections, will enjoy parallel training. Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithms combining with this protocol will tremendously boost accuracy.

This combination should provoke a 99% accurate operation on a single neural network framework. This should detect, pinpoint, as well as classify the mobile devices at blinding speed. This combined mechanism should also power IoT device assets and sensors at impressive accuracy. This will seamlessly occur in real time for outdoor environments while also including indoor environments.

The process of this blockchain registration is remarkably unique. It picks out the device’s type, making a calculation of the distance separating the router from the Wi-Fi router. This would also point out the mobile receiver battery needs before it goes on to add the wireless power charge.

The NVDLA Technology is an Uncontested Banger

When NVDLA technology enters the equation, it gets more exciting and powerful. This will massively upgrade the scalability to accommodate a global database voluptuously spanning over 2.3 billion Wi-Fi hotspots and 93 million cellular towers. This should adequately take care of the supply of wireless power as to object detection and network positioning.

According to Robert Smith, CEO/President of Voice Life, “Incorporating NVIDIA’s open source solution, which utilizes AI and deep learning on a proven hardware architecture, combined with our Life-Line Power Connect platform, is critical to one day power and manage the security of potentially trillions of IoT devices.”

Voice Life and its Operational Ambition

Of course, Voice Life Inc. has been consolidating its repute as one of the most revolutionary development stage technologies. This is in terms of innovation and application. Voice Life has famously built a home for itself in the niche of Wi-Fi-based wireless charging. Voice Life has impressively brought blockchain technology into the mix. It would even surprise you that for all its weight of audacity and success, Voice Life was just created in 2015!


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