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Whitelabel ITSolutions Facilitates Power-friendly Mining

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Whitelabel ITSolutions alleviates miners' woes.

The cryptocurrency market is growing both in the number of users and blocks. For instance, the Bitcoin network is almost at a bursting point as miners increase in number. As a result, mining bitcoins is getting more expensive by the day. Therefore, it is fortunate for miners as Whitelabel ITSolutions brings new – you guessed it – solutions. The firm seeks to provide more efficient means of power supply to increase the cost-effectiveness of mining. Eventually, the solution should substantially cut down the power use.

Reliable Data Centers

In a Sept. 17th, 2018 news release, the company reveals that it has the capacity to provide “100% sustainable power and densities.” Further, the firm boasts of unmatched speeds of deployment and other benefits. In essence, the company wants to provide convenience to cryptocurrency mining entities. In addition, Whitelabel ITSolutions wants to help host reliable data centers for industry players.

Furthermore, Whitelabel ITSolutions insists that its solutions are properly “battle-tested.” They undergo strict on-field testing regimes that ensure efficient operation when deployed in real-life. In part, the press release reads,

Every power component in the facilities is regularly subjected to heavy load and failover testing; redundant power feeds, power distribution units, transfer switches, and generators ensure you always stay online.

Excess Capacity

Last year, Whitelabel ITSolutions announced it would lease some of its data centers to interested parties. According to a press release, the firm said that it had an excess capacity. As a result, the company announced that it would “creatively” deal with the situation. As a collocation company, Whitelabel ITSolutions prides itself with unmatched service delivery.

Therefore, the decision to put some of the data centers on the market aims to service a growing demand. Although introduced in 2009, the company notes that the Bitcoin niche is growing fast. Accordingly, the rising demand for Bitcoin leads to higher power demands while mining. In remedy, Whitelabel ITSolutions facilitates crypto-mining by providing high power densities.

Whitelabel ITSolutions Facilitates Crypto-mining for Low-scale Miners

Clearly, the desire of the firm to help miners has a long history. In the most recent press release, the company reveals that it will host cryptocurrency mining rigs in an efficient way. Particularly, the firm will host Bitmain mining rigs. According to the release, the rigs are the most powerful available on the market today.

In addition, the company wants to offer short-term contracts to Bitcoin miners. The idea is to get “state-of-the-art” mining equipment at a low cost. The contract offers “low-end dedicated servers” that will satisfy small-scale mining.


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