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Xsolla Ready For Global In-Game Marketplace

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Xsolla Partners DMarket for easy virtual items trading.

With the advent of blockchain technology, video games have gone beyond being a fun factory. Indeed, players can now make money while doing what they love to do best. Apart from these gamers, the developers and content creators can also earn from the world of video games. Xsolla, a one-stop shop for developers to launch, monetize, and scale their games, has announced a new partnership. Unsurprisingly, the company is teaming up with DMarket, an in-game marketplace solution for virtual items, focusing on monetization, to revolutionize the in-game ecosystem.

What Does This Collaboration Mean?

What this collaboration means is that the two companies will work together to bring in-game e-commerce closer to the global community. This strategic partnership will see the two companies treat items on the blockchain as a unique product that has been linked and tokenized with virtual assets of intrinsic value. So, this development allows gamers, developers, and content creators to own digital assets and make profits from in-game item trading.

Xsolla Technological Wizardry

To make this possible, the two companies have built a blockchain-based and developer-friendly range of products. These products include Xsolla Pay Station, Xsolla Site Builder, and Xsolla Store, thus making the implementation of item trading very intuitive. To break it down, Xsolla Store enables developers to create an in-game store where they sell directly to the gamers. Put simply, the Xsolla Store enables developers to trade on the blockchain network.

On the other hand, the Xsolla Builder empowers developers to build a website. Moreover, plans are underway to consolidate on this tool so that it can support on-chain trading as well.

Finally, there is Xsolla Pay Station, which allows users access to over 700 payment methods in over 200 countries. In addition, it accepts 130 fiat currencies and 20 languages in the world.

Understanding In-game Trading

With their wealth of experience and expertise, DMarket empowers developers to earn when they sell content to the players. In a situation where the game already has a monetization system, DMarket allows them to make extra bucks. After purchasing items from the in-game trading platform, players can also resell or exchange them on the secondary market. Yes, DMarket has made these services available, equally.

Official Remarks

DMarket Founder and CEO, Vlad Panchenko, said that DMarket is employing its prowess, innovation, and the global community to develop the in-game trading platform. Panchenko also noted that the platform will have a global reach. The Founder pointed out that the technology gives developers the opportunity to eke out a living from their works, adding that they are helping developers to promote their products through blockchain-based in-game item trading.

Responding, Founder and CEO of Xsolla, Aleksandr Agapitov, echoed the stance of DMarket boss. Agapitov noted that the technological alignment between the two firms makes them partners-of-choice for gamers, content developers, and developers all over the world.

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