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GameCredits: Everything Beginners Need To Know

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GameCredits with GAME tokens improves the lives of both gamers and developers.

The cryptocurrency world is evolving and almost every sector of the world economy is following suit. This is all thanks to blockchain technology for the powerful support it has given to digital currency ever since its inception. That said, the global gaming industry is now a beehive of activity as well, booming with many innovations. Recently, its  market capitalization increased to more than 100 billion US dollars. This industry will grow far more in the years ahead, and even beyond during the next 20 years. GameCredits will ride this wave from the very beginning.

The financial sector seems to be hosting the majority of the blockchain tech activities. Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency to get connected with the financial industry. However, blockchain is not all about finance or fintech. You know very well that cryptocurrencies have much more to offer in other sectors as well.

In fact, the crypto-asset market has something for everybody and there are many different cryptocurrencies for the online gaming industry. This guide will introduce you to GameCredits, which plans to become the major cryptocurrency for millions of video game players around the globe.

The Gist of GameCredits

It is only a matter of time before the multi-billion dollar gaming industry finds a commonplace use of blockchain technology. At the forefront of this inevitable wave is the company under the self-explanatory name, GameCredits Inc. It offers GameCredits (GAME) as a universal, open-source, peer-to-peer token. They designed it with secure blockchain technology for both in-game payments and payouts to gamers and developers.

The company designed all the gaming infrastructure utilizing blockchain technology. This means that the wallet, API, payment and tracking system, GameHub, and others are all built into the facility. Hear what the company itself is saying about GameCredits:

“GameCredits (GAME) is a digital currency based on Bitcoin. Its purpose is to become a universal currency for 2.6 billion gamers worldwide, to empower game developers, both big and small, in order to further grow the 100 billion dollar gaming industry, and to accelerate the wide adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies as a better alternative to government-issued fiats.”

The above assertion is the summary of what GameCredits mean in a nutshell. The following key players are the major components in the gaming industry.

  • Developers: These are the people who develop the gaming software.
  • Distributors and Marketers: They distribute, as well as market, the gaming software.
  • Gamers: The gamers are the consumers who play the game.

The Company: GameCredits Inc.

GameCredits Inc. is the creator of GameCredits (GAME). The company comprises of talented people from various backgrounds who are professionals from the blockchain and gaming industries. Indeed, the company started operations in the year 2015 and was formally known as GamersCoin (GMC).

As it stands now, GameCredits Inc. has many original founders including Nebojsa Maksimovic and Aleksandar Mihajlovic. They are the ones that have driven this concept to the current height of maturity. Sergey Sholom is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GameCredits Inc. He is well-versed in the gaming industry.

Their mission is adequately summarized in the following statement below:

“We strive to create the most cutting-edge payment solutions and make them available to the mass gaming market. We will offer the gaming industry ways to pay less and make more. Our in-game payment gateway is built for the gaming industry by the gaming industry.”

As you can see, GameCredits Inc. holds the commitment to build a smooth payment system and blockchain-based, in-game platform for the gaming market.

Benefits of GameCredits (GAME)

What is so special about GameCredits you may ask? Undeniably, GameCredits offers the following benefits:

  • It makes in-game payments simpler and more secure for gamers, thus removing restrictions such as deposit limits.
  • With blockchain technology, hackers cannot hack your account, neither will they steal your in-game credits. The blockchain technology maintains security and privacy when you send payments for in-game items.
  • The icing on the cake is that you can use the points you earned in one game for another, thereby conserving your credits.
  • GameCredits increase in value in the long run because more users are will be accepting it. You will have more purchasing power as a result of this increase.
  • Developers can benefit from the platform by bypassing any commission and extra levies from banks, thereby improving on their income.
  • Also, developers receive up to 90% of the income from every single purchase. This is quite mind-blowing when compared with other game distribution channels that offer about 70%.

Problems of the Traditional Gaming Industry

There are three key actors in this industry, namely gamers, marketers, and developers. Now, the combination of GameCredits cryptocurrency (GAME) and its platform, will give the three key actors whatever they want. The reverse is the case for traditional currency and the gaming platform.

As a result, these actors will likely face the following problems:

Gamers – There exists a low currency deposit limit for gamers in the traditional platforms. To make matters worse, this is followed by low security and privacy for their identities. More so, they cannot send money or credit across various games which they have gained in a single game. Consequently, whenever they switch games, they will pay a fee to the bank for that in-game purchase.

Marketers – Low deposits for gamers and cuts taking for deposits by banks will naturally impact negatively on the revenues of gaming companies.

Developers – It takes a lot of time to process earnings for developers in the traditional way and when these earnings come, they are at least 30% less than the actual profit they should make. Additionally, some gamers engage in fraudulent payments in which developers lose their money.

There is a solution to all these problems. They can become history if gamers start using GameCredits cryptocurrency and their gaming platforms.

How to Buy GameCredits Cryptocurrency

If you want to buy GameCredits cryptocurrency, wait no longer!

GameCredits cryptocurrency is one of the most affordable altcoins. Furthermore, many crypto-exchanges have already listed it. You can buy it in a direct exchange for fiat currency through their unique proprietary payment gateway and wallet.

Another way of buying GAME cryptocurrency is through Changelly. Here you have the leverage to change your other cryptocoins in exchange for GameCredits cryptocurrency.


The gaming industry has no problem with regulation as it is exceedingly popular in the financial sector. With its open nature and regulatory security, innovations will continue to pour in. The earlier you catch up on it, the better for you in the long run.

Risk Disclosure

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